idris elba dark tower

We all know that Stephen King‘s ‘The Dark Tower‘ bombed at the box office but there is a television show in the works, however, Idris Elba is saying that he is “the last to know” anything concerning it. King’s other work has knocked it out of the park this year with ‘It’ being a runaway hit, ‘Gerald’s Game’ finding critical and fan acclaim on Netflix, and ‘Mr. Mercedes’ getting picked up for a second season. For his longest running and fan-favorite work, there just hasn’t been any love.

While the television series was initially supposed to bridge the events of a trilogy or more of movies, that seemed to die with the poor reception of the film. A series wasn’t killed off entirely as King stated that the TV series that is now being developed “would be like a complete reboot.”

This was recently pointed out to Elba who has been busy with other projects and it looks like that was quite a surprise to the actor:

“You know what? I didn’t know Stephen said that. I don’t know, actually, where it lies. I must figure this out, I don’t know where it lies. I’m unfortunately the last to know at this point.”

It sounds like he was so out of the loop that he didn’t even know a reboot was happening for the small screen. I’m pretty sure this makes our chances of seeing a sequel to the film being released that much lower.

Are you annoyed that we likely wouldn’t be able to see Idris Elba reprise his role as Roland in an ongoing television series? Do you think if they went the reboot route that they should even consider touching upon any of the actors who were used in the cinematic take of ‘The Dark Tower’? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Crush