last jedi canto bright

Love it or hate it, ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ is one of the biggest box office openings of all time and now director Rian Johnson is opening up on the ending of the film. Specifically, the very last moment which takes a focus of what has been building on for the entire movie to a side plot that suddenly was made more relevant than you could have possibly imagined. We’re heading into spoiler territory folks so strap on your lightsabers and get ready to dive in if you’ve seen the film or take the fastest transport back to the main page if you haven’t!

After we got to feel all of the emotions of our barely surviving Resistance who just escaped their deaths at the hands of the First Order we cut back to Canto Bight with a look at the now empty stables. We get a look back at the children who helped Finn and Rose escape. They are telling the story of Luke Skywalker who was able to face down Kylo Ren and the First Order all by himself which indicates that some time has already passed, though it is unclear how much as they still look the same as from earlier in the film.

Storytime is interrupted by one of the aliens who control their lives and Temiri Blagg walks out to help clean as instructed. Only, when he reaches for the broom it is clear that this is a Force-sensitive child and possible future Jedi as it flies directly into his hand. He is clearly going to be following in the footsteps of his heroes as he looks down happily at the Resistance ring which Rose had given him off-screen earlier in the film.

With this scene in mind director Rian Johnson has opened up a bit on how the Force is still strong with those even who are not part of the Skywalker bloodline though he is still a part of it:

“It’s mostly about Luke. To me, it shows that the act Luke Skywalker did, of deciding to take on this mantle of ‘the legend,’ after he had decided the galaxy was better off with, had farther reaching consequences than saving 20 people in a cave.

Now the Legend of Luke Skywalker is spreading. Hope is reignited in the galaxy.”

As to how that spread past that? There was also a quick shot of the boy playing with a homemade Luke Skywalker action figure which can be seen here:

While only glimpsed briefly in the movie, it has a much greater impact as far as Johnson was concerned:

“I couldn’t think of a more evocative image of hope than a kid who is playing with his Luke Skywalker action figure and being inspired by that to grow up and have an adventure and fight the good fight”

On a franchise made to sell action figures, it was a nice little touch to show the emotional impact that such a toy can have on a small child.

What do you think of Johnson’s reason for ending the movie arming us with the knowledge that more Force Users are out there? Do you think that we’ll see this boy again in a future film or will this just be a hint of things to come? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly