Marvel’s next huge cosmic adventure has been brewing for some time and now we’ve learned new details about this coming February’s ‘Infinity Countdown’! Once the 616-Universe was destroyed and reformed from the events of “Secret Wars” it would seem that the Infinity Stones are once more in play and able to be formed into the Infinity Gauntlet. Only, most have been unaware of these changes and only know that the stones have been missing.

Since that time we’ve seen the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ track down the Power Gem which is currently massively oversized and in ‘Marvel Legacy’ #1, we learned that Wolverine, who has mysteriously returned to the land of the living, intercepts the Space Gem.

‘Infinity Prime Countdown’ is going to kick off the new events and is being penned by Gerry Duggan with art by Mike Deodato. This five-part series will then kick off in March with Duggan at that point working with Aaron Kudar to bring it all together.

According to Editor Jordan D. White:

“As we worked on the Infinity Stones’ story, it became clear the story was much bigger than we could contain in the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY series. It starts with the Guardians, but the story extends out into the entire Marvel Universe, with stones popping up in some very surprising places. COUNTDOWN is the next step in the story…but as the name implies, it’s leading to something even greater.”

So this means that we can expect an even greater story arc to grow out of this one. From the initial cover teaser imagery that we can see here, we know that there will be some major players involved as the plot moves forward which includes Wolverine, The Super Skrull, Gamora, Captain Marvel, Adam Warlock, Loki, and a mysterious person behind it all.

Those mysterious eyes don’t look like Thanos but we all know who started the search for the Infinity Gauntlet the first time around so it is almost a guarantee that the Mad Titan will be involved to some degree.

Loki’s involvement should be heavily noted here as he not only currently holds the title of Sorcerer Supreme but in ‘Thor’ #700 we saw that the Queen of the Norns was killed but before she died a large fractured vision of the future was glimpsed which teased Loki wielding the gauntlet.

I have a feeling that all of the teases from this issue will come to pass but likely not as anyone could expect, especially when the God of Lies will be involved. It would be refreshing to see Marvel’s take on the character do something surprising and new as he’s been kind of one-note as of late and playing a lackey instead of a major player which is hopefully a long con as he has been quite out of character.

Who do you think will be behind the new quest for the Infinity Gauntlet? Will the person trying to wield this power be a friend or foe to the universe at large? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Marvel.