SPOILERS AHEAD! If you want to go into ‘Doctor Strange’ on November 4th (or 3rd if you like to go to the early showings) without any prior knowledge, stop reading now!

Fans of both Marvel, the MCU, and everyone’s favorite comic-book man Stan Lee were very excited Monday night when Marvel unveiled 15 minutes of footage from ‘Doctor Strange,’ showing parts of the IMAX footage for the movie showcasing the trippy VXF footage. The scene is of Strange chasing down Mordo on the streets of what appeared to be New York, running up the sides of buildings, and even across the sky as the world warped and morphed around them in the ‘Inception’ like sequences we saw from the trailers. According to reports, as the chase continued Kaecilius used his magic to bend the building the foes are running on and Strange and Mordo fall onto the side of a bus. Meanwhile, inside the bus, the camera cuts to an old man reading Aldous Huxley’s ‘The Door’s of Perception,’ and of course, the man turns out to be Stan Lee himself! As the hero and his foe crash into the bus window, Lee exclaims “Now, that’s hilarious!” and then the camera returns to the main characters and the chase continues once more between the sorcerer and his foe.

Of course, it sounds like it is a rather brief cameo for Stan Lee, though certainly not the briefest one we have seen for him in a Marvel movie, and brief does not always mean bad, as his fleeting cameo in ‘Deadpool’ was extremely memorable as he played a strip club owner in the background.  New of this footage definitely went a long way toward getting me even more excited for ‘Doctor Strange’ and the surprises in store for audiences once it finally hits theaters in November, and I cannot wait to see what director Scott Derrickson has in store for us when magic finally makes it way into the MCU!

Source: Comic Book