From the time a live action ‘Titans’ series was announced, fans have wondered how the show would depict its main character Dick Grayson.  Would he utilize his modern-day alter ego as Nightwing?  Or would he employ his original, more famous identity as Robin?  And how would the show properly handle Grayson’s origin, which obviously heavily involves Batman?  After all, not only is Batman a major component of Warner Brothers’ DC film universe, but there is already a Batman-based live action series on TV, FOX’s ‘Gotham’.

Two weeks ago, WB released the first promotional photo from the series, of star Brenton Thwaites as none other than Robin.  This seems to answer the first question, at least.  It would keep ‘Titans’ closer in its lineup to the already established ‘Teen Titans’ and ‘Teen Titans GO!’ cartoons that millions are already familiar with.

But what about his past?  Will viewers actually get to see Dick’s mentor Batman or at least his mild mannered alter ego Bruce Wayne?  Or would the producers just dance around the matter with vague references?

Two new casting descriptions may answer that.

First is this one, for “Young John Crossland.”  John Crossland was the pseudonym that the production has used for Dick Grayson from the start.

[YOUNG JOHN CROSSLAND]Male, Caucasian, To play 10-13, athletic, lean, approximately 5’0″ and not afraid of heights.  Please list height on submission.  RECURRING GUEST STAR

This should come as no surprise, as last month we learned that ‘Titans’ was casting Dick’s parents, the Flying Graysons, circus trapeze artists, who were killed as part of an extortion racket.  The fact that Young Dick Grayson is a recurring guest star seems to imply that, like ‘Arrow’, ‘Titans’ will be peppered with flashbacks to Dick’s younger days.

And those flashbacks will seemingly involve none other than Bruce Wayne, as hinted by the next casting description:

[DAVE STORY]Male, mid 30s-40s, Caucasian.  The downfalls of others only make this man stronger. Polished. Unwavering.  Think a young Jack Nicholson.  RECURRING GUEST STAR.

Once again, a pseudonym is used but the description could very well apply to Bruce Wayne.  Indeed, as he topples criminals, his legend would only grow stronger and Wayne has traditionally been depicted as aristocratic, thanks to his wealthy upbringing.

This character is also listed as a recurring guest star, so these flashbacks could show Bruce training Dick as his crime fighting partner.  It also teases that we might actually see Batman and Robin in action together, which would be the first time this duo has been shown together in live action since the early 90s ‘Batman’ movies and the first time on television since the late 60s when Adam West and Burt Ward portrayed the caped crusaders.

The second description, however, is a little vague and one could also attribute these traits to a crime boss of some sort.  But it would be hard to properly do a show that focuses on Dick Grayson and his evolution without Bruce Wayne and Batman.  Even ‘Supergirl’ featured brief cameos by Superman in its first season, with the Man of Steel playing a much more prominent role in the second season, portrayed by Tyler Hoechlin.

A younger Bruce Wayne, portrayed by David Mazouz, is currently featured on ‘Gotham’.  In live action, he has also been portrayed by Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale and currently Ben Affleck.

Are you excited to possibly see Batman and Robin fighting crime together in live action on ‘Titans’?

‘Titans’ premiers on WB’s DC Comics subscription service which currently has no name or launch date.  The show also stars Teagan Croft, Anna Diop, Ryan Potter and Lindsey Gort with recurring guest stars Minka Kelly and Alan Ritchson.

Source: That Hashtag Show