The amazing season premiere of ‘Supernatural’ picked up moments after what we saw at the end of last season with Castiel declaring himself the new God. As the boys stand there, shocked and horrified looks on their faces, Bobby is the first to reach down and grab his… courage. “Well all right then, is this good – as he kneels – or do you want the whole head on the carpet thing?” “Be thankful for my mercy, I could have tossed you back in the pit.”

As the Winchester’s make the motion to follow suit, Castiel calls them out, “Stop, what’s the point if you don’t mean it?” It’s not love, it’s fear. “Cas” Sam steps closer, “Sam you have nothing to say to me, you stabbed me in the back.”

As Cas walks in an open field surrounded by trees, “Understand, if you stood with Raphael, if you stood against me, punishment is certain. There is nowhere to hide, the rest of you… our Father left a long time ago, and that was hard. I thought free will was the answer. But I understand now, you need a firm hand. You need a Father, and I am your Father now. Be obedient Children.”
As the camera pans up, and wide, we see angels strewn across the field, the signature scorched earth in the silhouette of wings burned into the earth.

Dean hammers the dents out of his baby, the sexy sixty seven Impala as Bobby walks up. He hands Dean a beer, and tells him Sam is still asleep. They speak of Cas, and how to find him, and what the hell to do if they even do find him. They vow to “glue Sam back together” and that they owe him that.

As we see a church, and the pastor giving a rousing sermon, “Someone has to speak for God.” he says. Castiel enters,“And who says you speak for God? I cannot abide hypocrites like you reverend. Tell your congregation where your genitals have been before you profess to speak for me. The church is shocked, a man attempts to rise supposedly to escort this crazy man out, he groans and is forced back into his pew as it splinters under the sheer pressure of the new God’s will.

“He who speaks for me, shall choke on his own false tongue.” The words spilling from Castiels mouth sends shivers up our spines. The reverend, does indeed choke on his blasphemous tongue, and collapses to the floor.

Cas goes to Crowley, and not only lets him live, but places him back in the throne as king of hell, the only hitch, Cas gets to choose where each soul goes, and how many. Cas would have done away with purgatory for good, but he needs something to hold over his enemies.

We see that Sam is still struggling with his “walls” as flashes of hell continue to plague him. As Dean and Bobby talk while Dean masks off the Impala to lay down the paint, Bobby asks Dean if he truly believes Sam is OK. Sam is listening at the door as Dean says no.

The boys conjure Crowley. He warns them against conspiring against God. He tells them that Death may be their only player in the coming battle.

As Cas heals a blind transient, the man, with his new found vision, asks Cas what’s wrong with his face. He, much like Lucifer in his human meat costume, is deteriorating rapidly.

As the boys find what they need to call Death, they go about setting up for the ritual. It works, obviously. Death arrives and is none too happy to have been called or bound by magic for that matter. When Dean asks him to kill God, he asks why he should.

Castiel appears, “Your vessel is melting, and you’re going to explode.” Death tells him. Death warns of the leviathan that God had banished to purgatory that even now writhe within Cas’s belly. “Long before God made the Angels and humans,
Cas sets death free from his bonds, and in an instant is gone. Death warns the boys about calling upon him again, but tells them their only hope is to get Cas to return everything to purgatory, and quickly. “Don’t Thank me, clean up your mess – if you try to bind me again, you’ll be dead before you start. He created the first beasts.”

“Nice pickle chips, by the way.” And Death is gone.

Cas wreaks bloody vengeance upon a hypocritical state senator and her constituents, and seems to have blacked out. He awakens to a bloodbath of epic proportions. Dean, meanwhile, tells Sam that reaching Cas, who has obviously gone off the deep end, is out of the cards. Sam walks outside and actually prays to God- or rather, Cas. It did not go unheard; something in him finally understood he had gone too far and he shows up at Bobby’s asking for help.

Sam is trying to recover from the effects of his wall coming down. But little by little, we get the sense things aren’t right. Sam starts to have these hallucinations of the cage. He keeps them hidden from Dean because he doesn’t want to burden his brother with yet another problem. Unfortunately, Dean finds out the truth from Death. And while Dean and Bobby try to restore Casto his former self, Sam is forced to confront Lucifer.

Cas is restored, but something is horribly wrong, the leviathans remained behind in his body, and have forced control over his shell.

In a crazed, maniacal manner, “Cas is, hmm he’s gone, dead, we run the show now!” He then attacks Dean and Bobby, flinging them across the room like rag dolls. “This is going to be so much fun!”

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