Lizzy Caplan
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Casting announcements for upcoming Marvel film ‘Gambit’ are heating up again! The MCU film has been in the works since 2015, at which point Channing Tatum was cast in the lead role. The actor also signed on to produce. The film moved forward with ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ filmmaker Rupert Wyatt directing. Wyatt later dropped out, and Doug Liman (‘Edge of Tomorrow’) took over. The film was delayed for further script work, and, you guessed it, Liman then left the director’s chair! ‘Gambit’ finally started gaining traction once more, when ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘A Cure for Wellness’ filmmaker Gore Verbinski signed on to direct.

It looks like this movie may actually happen, as new casting news has come to light! Lizzy Caplan is now in talks to join the cast of the superhero film, playing the female lead. Details on the role remain under wraps, but when Wyatt was directing, Lea Seydoux (‘Blue Is the Warmest Color’) became attached in the role of Belladonna Bourdreaux, who acts as Gambit’s love interest in the comics and is also a member of the Assassins’ Guild. That was over two years ago, however, and the script has undoubtedly evolved, so it’s unknown if Caplan is playing Bourdreaux or another character entirely.

Caplan has shown her acting chops in both comedy and drama in films like ‘The Night Before’ and ‘The Interview.’  She also co-starred on the Showtime series ‘Masters of Sex.’ And lest we forget how amazing she was as Janis Ian in ‘Mean Girls!’

Verbinski is a wildly ambitious filmmaker known for his stunning visuals and compelling characters, so fans are hopeful that he will create something captivating and unique. Between ‘Logan,’ ‘Deadpool,’ and the upcoming ‘The New Mutants,’ Fox has shown a willingness to let movies centered around the X-Men universe stand apart from the rest, so fans an anxious to see what may come of ‘Gambit.’

Check back for more details on the film as they become available!