New knowledge of the upcoming film ‘Gambit‘s’ character lineup reveals that telepathic X-Men supervillain Candra The Benefactress aka Red Death will be appearing in the solo film. Candra controls both mutant gangs the Thieves Guild and Assassins Guild. With Remy LeBeau’s origins being the focus of the film, it’s no surprise she would have a role to play in the film due to her ties to his origins.

Candra’s inclusion in ‘Gambit’ could be a set up for a wave of future villains for the X-Men franchise, specifically for Drew Goddard’s ‘X-Force’ and possibly even ‘Deadpool 3.’ Fox is starting to run out of X-Men villains to use in their projects, and with the franchise heading into the criminal underworld with projects like ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Gambit,’ there is a new group of villains to use in those stories. For example, X-Force villains The Externals, which Candra just happens have ties to.

The Externals are a sub-group of mutants who are able to survive mortal wounds, and as a result, consider themselves immortal. Members of this sub-group include Candra, Absalom, Burke, Crule, Gideon, Nicodemus, Saul, and Selene.  Gambit has a direct connection with them as well, leading an Age of Apocalypse version at one point in Gambit and The X-Ternals.

While we don’t know what Fox’s plans are for Candra, her addition to ‘Gambit’ could mean that the Externals could be a bridge between ‘Gambit’, ‘New Mutants,’ and ‘X-Force.’

Gambit’s release date has been slated for February 14, 2019.