Rumors have been swirling about new additions to the ‘Alien‘ franchise as of late. We’ve recently gotten confirmation that a new game ‘Alien: Blackout’ was coming but some of the social media teases made it look like a new film or game was also in development. That doesn’t look to be the case, so those who haven’t wanted Ridley Scott making another film can let out a sigh of relief and those hoping for a reboot or another creator tackling the franchise are going to be disappointed. If you were hoping to get your trigger finger or sneaking skills going with another game as well, that wouldn’t be happening for now.

‘Alien: Blackout’ is the only installment in the franchise that is currently moving forward.

Fox has confirmed that another movie isn’t currently happening and at this point of the Walt Disney buyout of Fox assets, it feels unlikely that more news would pop up from the franchise until the dust has settled.

The new game is branded around the “ReadWatchPlay” initiative and according to vice president of external development at FoxNext TQ Jefferson:

“ReadWatchPlay is referring to individual entries for each one. It’s exploring different elements of Amanda Ripley’s saga. ‘Alien: Blackout’ is a standalone premium mobile game. It’s not promotional for any other component of the Alien franchise.
The slogan is the rallying cry for the activity that is going to touch upon Amanda Ripley’s story in the immediate future.”

He went on to say that, “Once they hear more about the game they’ll realize that it is its own experience and that it’s as true to Alien as anything we ever made.”

So that means no movie and no follow up to the 2014 hit ‘Alien: Isolation’ is happening. For those who were hoping for a sequel, he went on to say:

“There are a lot of stories we can tell in the franchise. We can tell more stories about Amanda Ripley without it being an ‘Isolation’ game.”

It sounds like this is something which fans also shouldn’t be looking forward to in the near future.

Are you sad to hear that there isn’t another ‘Alien’ movie in development? What are your thoughts on a follow up to ‘Alien: Isolation’ not being in the works? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Variety