While the promos for this week’s episode of ‘The Flash’ have been all about the bachelorette party (and bachelor party) for Iris and Barry, according to the latest clip released by the CW, what may be far more intriguing is what is going on behind the scenes for Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost during the episode. In the trailer for the episode that focuses mainly on the bachelorette party the ladies are confronted by a man whose eye falls out, and in a new clip released by the CW, we learn not only who this man is, but what his connection is to Killer Frost and her old boss, Amunet.

The new clip reveals Katee Sackhoff (of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ fame of course) in the role of Amunet, the villain who Killer Frost apparently worked for during the period when Barry was trapped in the Speed Force, and according to the clip, it was Amunet who sent the one-eyed man, Norvok, to get Killer Frost during the bachelorette party, and Caitlin/ Frost is not happy about it. Amunet is not convinced that Caitlin is truly done being her evil henchmen, and the clip ends with Amunet pulling Frost aside to show her something that she thinks Frost will find very interesting. Also, in the clip, we learn that Frost was Amunet’s number one henchmen, hinting that Frost was up to some very dark things while away from Team Flash.

So what does this all mean for Caitlin? She and Frost appeared to be on the same page earlier in the season with the decision to not work fro Amunet anymore, and even in this scene she is in full Killer Frost mode when she goes to tell Amunet she is truly done and not to send any more of her goons after her, but who knows what Amunet might show her that could pull her back into the fold. And of course, there is always the possibility that Amunet might somehow be in league with the Big Bad of ‘The Flash’ this season, which would make her an even bigger threat, which would be fitting as it would be odd to get Katee Sackhoff for a smaller role. We’ll soon find out, but until then check out the full clip for yourself below and feel free to share any thoughts or theories you might have in the comments section below!