We’ve been hearing for a while that ‘Gotham‘ will start with a pretty big time jump and now we’ve learned that it won’t be just one big time jump but one smaller as well. These jumps are likely being put in place so that the final season won’t feel overly rushed on introducing Bruce Wayne as Batman but also to show how far the city has fallen to need a hero like The Caped Crusader in the fifth season.

When the show returns to the air in 2019, it will take place 87 days or nearly three months after the fourth season finale “A Dark Knight: No Man’s Land.” We’ll see how Gotham is doing after Jeremiah turned the city into an oasis of crime and hopefully get a real explanation as to why the federal government hasn’t gone in to take back the streets. Sure, most of the citizens have evacuated, but this isn’t exactly the kind of thing which would be allowed to continue long term.

Not only that, but there will also be a flash-forward of 391 days after the “No Man’s Land” story has started. We’ll see what Bruce, Gordon, Harvey, and Lucius have been able to do in this time period to try and restore order and justice to this broken city.

While fans likely want to know exactly what happened after the end credits of the fourth season, we’re in the final season and episodes of the show, and they don’t have the usual luxury of a longer season to really flesh out the story. Having a city which has completely fallen apart also is the perfect excuse to allow the show to introduce a group of criminals like The Mutants.

Do you think that the time jump is going to be a positive thing for ‘Gotham’? Are you looking forward to the final season of the series and finally seeing Bruce Wayne as Batman? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Comic Book