Wentworth Miller

It looked like the end came at the end of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season One, when one-time ne’er do-well Leonard Snart, nicknamed Captain Cold, made the ultimate sacrifice to save his pal Mick Rory and the rest of the crew of the Waverider, not to mention all of space/time.  Snart actor Wentworth Miller was announced as stepping down from series regular on ‘Legends’ but was appointed a recurring guest star for the entire Arrowverse of CW super shows.  In fact, Miller’s Snart returned in Season Three of ‘Legends’ but had apparently gone back to his crooked ways, joining other baddies as the Legion of Doom.

But now it looks like the end really is here for Snart/Miller.  The actor took to Instagram to announce that he was nearing the finale of his time in the Arrowverse:


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Miller debuted as Snart in ‘The Flash’ Season One, Episode 4.  Never a truly evil crook, Snart became a reluctant member of the ‘Legends’ along with buddy Rory.  The casting of Dominic Purcell as Rory was a sly wink to the fact these two actors played brothers on the popular FOX thriller ‘Prison Break’.  (Both actors starred on the reunion series that aired earlier this year.)  After Miller’s departure from ‘Legends’ full time, Purcell’s Rory remained as a part of the crew and has increasingly found himself becoming more and more altruistic.  In fact, this will be something of a sticking point when Snart does return to ‘Legends’ this season.

Executive producer Phil Klemmer said:

“It will be about as polar opposite as the Snart that he’s played on our show. We’ve got a cool pitch to justify that version of him, which I don’t want to give away. But it’s going to be really traumatic for Mick Rory, because he has deified this version of his dead partner in his head, and in a way, Snart’s return is his greatest wish come true; but the fact that he doesn’t get the version that he’s held in the back of his mind is deeply unsettling. Rory’s made a lot of progress as well in the meantime, but he’s certainly not ready to call himself a hero.”

Obviously, Miller’s Instagram post is all we have to go on as far as his departure.  He doesn’t give a reason and there have been no rumblings of any friction.  The fact that Snart was killed off twice only to return would seem to indicate that the producers of these shows were keen to keep him around in some capacity.  Miller currently doesn’t have any additional projects in the works, that we know of.  Perhaps it’s just time for him to step away and take a break to consider his next move going forward.

Are you upset to see Miller and Snart leaving the Arrowverse, seemingly for good?  How would you like to see him go?