With Fox’s ‘The Gifted‘ already starring Anna Paquin‘s husband Stephen Moyer in a leading role, it would seem like the perfect little way to bring a cameo to life – sadly, it won’t be happening. While fans have always wanted more of this ‘X-Men’ star to show up as Rogue (especially since she has been drastically underused in the films), it just doesn’t look like it was meant to be. Much the reasoning behind Paquin’s thoughts on this is actually how segmented the television show is from Fox’s cinematic universe.

While being interviewed about her upcoming series ‘Alias Grace’ which is set to debut early this November on Netflix, Paquin was asked about a ‘The Gifted’ cameo either as Rogue or someone else entirely:

“I feel like that would be distracting, honestly. I mean, look, who knows? But I feel like that’s one of those things that probably takes people out of the story in a weird way. If I was the creative force behind it, I’m not sure I would want to splice True Blood married people with different X-Men families. I feel like that might be a little schticky.”

With the X-Men gone from the televised universe, it could be feasible to see Rogue make the jump to the small screen in a depowered version, a flashback, or from media footage I wouldn’t bet on it to happen as although Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has tried to show us that “it’s all connected,” the idea of merging television and film isn’t quite as easy as it sounds.

Would you love to see Anna Paquin appear on ‘The Gifted’? If she did would a Rogue cameo be enough for you or would you want them to find a way to make her a series regular? Share your thoughts below True Believers!