UPDATE: So it looks like the BBC is going to pull the ol’ bait and switch and announce tonight that the announcement will be made on the live show on Sunday as originally reported by Starburst. Press sources state that the special on Sunday will be titled ‘Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor’ and will be hosted by Zoe Ball and feature interviews with past Doctors and their companions. Executive producer Steven Moffat and current Doctor Matt Smith will join Ball who will announce the successor. More details to follow…

Hang on to your sonic screwdrivers fellow Whovians as word has it that the announcement of who shall be the 12th Doctor will be made today!

Apparently, according to Starburst Magazine, the news that an announcement would be made was supposedly leaked on Twitter earlier today before it has quickly deleted. The tweet indicated that the show ‘Celebrity Mastermind’ was being bumped from its regular BBC 1 time slot on Sunday to make room for an announcement of who would be piloting the TARDIS after Matt Smith’s departure.  All this is being reported to happen live in front of a studio audience and hosted by Zoe Bell.

While most outlets are reporting the announcement will occur this Sunday, Radio Times posted this little tidbit not too long ago:

(For those unfamiliar, Radio Times is located in the UK and the time stamp is their local time)

So it seems that the BBC’s hand was shown a little too early and they have upped the timeline of the ‘Doctor Who’ announcement to today! Whether it will still be a live announcement or a press release is still unknown, but in a few hours, we may soon know who the next Doctor will be!

Make sure you check back here for the announcement!