star trek: discovery

The time has arrived and tonight CBS will be launching the USS Discovery. In anticipation of tonight’s premiere of ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ the network has released the opening title sequence for the series and suffice it to say, it will be another reason to cause a rift in the fandom.

While the actual theme of the series carries undertones of the ‘Star Trek’ shows before it, the showrunners have decided to depart from the usual visual intro and use illustrations which seem to mainly focus on the various design aspects of the ship, weapons, and tech that will be seen on the show. Gone are the footage of space, the final frontier. Even ‘Enterprise’ whose opening was very different from rest of the franchise before had a short sequence of the starship traveling through space keeping a bit of a tie in which reminded us that this is a ‘Star Trek’ series. At the very end of the ‘Discovery’ opening sequence is an illustrated play on Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’ with the two hands close to touching. Whether the meaning of this last image is to represent humanity (as some as say Michelangelo’s piece means) or something more will probably be answered as the series airs.

It’s an interesting opening which I hope has more meaning once the show has properly been unveiled. On its own, the visual doesn’t necessarily wow the senses but hearing snippets of the familiar ‘Star Trek’ theme still brings excitement. will be reviewing ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ during its first season run, so even if you’ve decided not to give CBS All Access your money, you can come here and read what you missed! In the meantime, you can enjoy the first episode tonight on CBS.