star trek: discovery

In space, no one can hear you…theme? The upcoming ‘Star Trek’ series ‘Discovery’ has released its main title theme music! Fans of ‘Star Trek’ know that the title theme music can set the tone for an entire series.

Give the newly released ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ main title theme, played by a 60-piece orchestra, a listen in this behind the scenes video!


The video also includes an interview with ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ composer Jeff Russo (‘Legion’). Of being asked to compose the theme, Russo said:

“I got that fateful, infamous call where you pick up the phone and they want you to do Star Trek. My head exploded at that moment. When I started thinking about what I would do for a main theme, I first needed to feel like I was in the world of ‘Star Trek.’ Even though there’s a lot of action in our show, I wanted to really play into how these characters are feeling.”

Fans should hear some intentionally familiar notes in ‘Discovery’s’ theme. Series co-creator and executive producer Alex Kurtzman explained:

“The music of ‘Trek’ is a critical part of the experience of ‘Trek.’ The original Alexander Courage theme is one of the most iconic and memorable themes of all time. It’s built into the DNA of the show, so there’s a beautiful segwaying in an out of the original theme into the more modern theme.”

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ will break the 12 year hiatus as the first brand new ‘Trek’ series in over a decade. Using elements from the original theme music in the new show’s main title theme is way to tie the new series into the franchise’s history.

What do you think of the show’s new main title theme music? Let us know in the comments! Don’t miss ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ when it premieres on September 24.