Well, after the hints about Ben Affleck’s original ‘The Batman’ script being heavily influenced by David Fincher’s 1990’s movie ‘The Game,’ we finally have some idea of how exactly that was going to work.  According to a live Periscope report by Umberto Gonzalez, (the man who also started the rumor mill by reporting the original story):

“Sources tell me it’s inspired by The Game, where Deathstroke is setting up all these traps and beating the crap out of [Batman].”

Of course, in Fincher’s ‘The Game,’ all of the elaborate scenarios and ways that the Game intrudes on the main character Nicholas’s real life end up being staged, and we learn Nicholas really was participating in a game, and the consequences truly were not real. Somehow I doubt that is how things would have gone down for Batman, especially with Deathstroke involved, which would have made Ben Affleck’s version of ‘The Batman’ all the more intriguing because we knew how high the stakes would have been.

As a response to the rumor, Joe Manganiello tweeted this emoji:

My only issue with this particular idea, especially with using Deathstroke as the one torturing Batman, is that it sounds VERY similar to ‘Arrow’ Season 2, where we learn a little after mid-way through the season that Slade Wilson/ Deathstroke has been the mastermind behind the scenes pulling the strings, torturing Oliver Queen, making him lose his company, turning his friends and family against him, even revealing his identity as ‘The Hood’ to important people in his life just to torture him.

Maybe this is part of what made writing Affleck’s script so difficult, is that he didn’t want to just rip off what they had done over on the CW? Or would he or Warner Bros even care if it was slightly similar? Either way, it looks unlikely that the script will remain anything close to the same now that Matt Reeves has taken over and taken the script back to square one, going for more of a noir tone, but it could still happen. Personally I am just hoping he keeps Deathstroke in there in some capacity, as I like Joe Manganiello for the role and would enjoy seeing the character up on the big screen.

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Source: Batman News