Ever since ‘Sin City’’ was released, talk about a sequel has been floating around for years. Now, after teases, rumors and lots of setbacks, the long awaited ‘Sin City 2,’ (aka ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’) is finally in front of cameras with Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller directing. Not only have they begun the process of filming the sequel, they have also added two members to their star studded cast: Jaime King (‘Hart of Dixie,’ ‘My Bloody Valentine,’ ‘Pearl Harbor’) and Jamie Chung (‘Sucker Punch,’ ‘Once Upon a Time’).

Those who saw the first film may recall King as the golden-haired prostitute Goldie who met her demise. But luckily, Goldie had a twin sister, Wendy, who King will now be playing.

As for Chung, she will be taking over the role of Miho, the mute, roller-blading, sword –wielding assassin originally played by Devon Aoki.

Chung and King will be joining returning members Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson and since the story will overlap with the events of ‘The Hard Goodbye’ and before ‘The Big Fat Kill’ in the original ‘Sin City’ film, it explains how Rourke can return as Marv for the sequel considering his character was electrocuted.

‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’ will be in the same format as ‘Sin City’ with separate stories within the film that follow the graphic novel of the same name while tying it together with the sequel. However, audiences will also get an added treat as there is a new storyline written specifically for the movie by Miller. To help with the flow of the screenplay, Oscar-winner scribe William Monoham (‘Oblivion,’ ‘The Departed’) was called in to “shape” the script.

There are still several major roles that need to be filled and it’s reported that although Clive Owen will return as Dwight, it may not be for the entire film since in one of the stories, he undergoes a facial surgery. Whether Rodriguez decides to hire an entirely new actor for the role or if Owen’s face will be prosthetically or digitally enhanced is still up in the air.

Also uncast is the role of Ava Lord, the femme fatale of “Dame” that was originally written with Angelina Jolie in mind. No word if Jolie will be able to take the role so right now it’s up in the air. Considering Rodriguez described the character as “a great part for any actress” as Ava is “evil as evil gets,” it sounds like he’ll want an A-lister to fill it.

We’ll keep you posted on any casting news as more information comes in.

‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’ is slated for an October 2013 release.


Source: THR