Channing Tatum And Roy Lee Will Produce An Adaptation Of The Cult Classic Comic 'The Maxx'

Back in 1993, Image Comics gave us one of the oddest and most compelling comics of its time: the cult classic ‘The Maxx’. Now, Channing Tatum and Roy Lee are poised to bring this character back either as a feature film or television series. This will be the second official outing with the character as MTV released an animated version of The Maxx as part of their ‘Oddities’ line. Although it covered the start of the comic series, it didn’t expand far enough to really flesh out the character’s origins, so it lacked the depth which the comics were able to bring to the table.

Tatum will produce through his Free Association with Reid Carolin and Peter Kiernan. Lee is set to produce through Vertigo Entertainment, which he founded in 2002. The character’s creator, Sam Keith, will also be a producer along with his partner Tal Vigderson.

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The idea behind The Maxx is that two stories are playing out at the same time. One in which is happening in what we think of as in the real world and another in “The Outback” and focuses on three main characters: The Maxx, who is a homeless man on Earth and a masked warrior in the Outback, Julie Winters, who is a social worker who feels a connection to Maxx but doesn’t know that her life is intimately tied to the Outback, and finally Mr. Gone, who is the villain of the story. Gone is known as a serial rapist and has close ties to everyone involved. He also is the one in charge of the vicious species of the Outback which he continually uses to attack The Maxx, and it is this conflict that eventually spills over into the real world.

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Source: Variety