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I’m not sure Swedish kickboxer/ MMA fighter Madeleine Vall Beijner quite knew what kind of frenzy she was going to stir up this week on the internet when she posted on Instagram that she was going back to Italy to film more scenes among the “badass Amazon warriors” in “less than three weeks.” (check out the Instagram post below)

With ‘Justice League’ due out in less than two months, it left many speculating whether that meant Joss Whedon and company are going to attempt to pull off some VERY last minute reshoots for the embattled film, which would leave very little time for post-production on any kind of scenes that got shot, especially if they had any kind of special effects, which is very likely with the Amazons if there is a battle involved. It would fit with reports that Whedon wants to include more Wonder Woman in the film with a flashback to Themyscira, but I’m just not sure they would really shoot something like this so close to release date, especially if, as reported, the flashback will introduce the movie’s villain, Steppenwolf. The idea for this scene is that his Boom Tube will lead him to Themyscira first where the Amazons, led by Robin Wright’s Antiope (who gets a hashtag in Beijner’s post), leads a battle against the big bad. That sounds like a pretty intense scene with a lot of CGI and special effects. Trying to turn it around in less than 2 months sounds insane, but who knows when it comes to ‘Justice League.’ However, one intrepid fan decided to ask the source herself about the whole situation, and got the following answer from Beijner:

Of course, Warner Bros could have just told Beijner to deny anything asked of her, and also told her to not just take down the post knowing that anytime something like this is taken down right away it all but confirms it was something real. But if she is sincere, then perhaps she is going back to Italy to film scenes for another DCEU film, namely ‘Aquaman,’ as James Wan recently posted a picture online of himself scouting a location in Italy near where they filmed the Amazon scenes for ‘Wonder Woman.’ It would make sense for the Atlantians of ‘Aquaman’ and the Amazonians of ‘Wonder Woman’ to cross paths at some point, both being ancient civilizations, and I personally like seeing crossovers between these movies.

If the crossover takes place in the present, you would not even need Gal Gadot for the crossover because she would have already left Themyscira for her WWI adventures.

What do you think is going on? Could they really be going back this late in the game for ‘Justice League’ reshoots just to capitalize on the success of ‘Wonder Woman’ and get more Amazons into the film? Could they be getting some early Amazon scenes in for ‘Aquaman?’ Or could this be for something else entirely? Feel free to share your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

Source: Slashfilm