Exclusive Interview: Jeffrey Combs Talks 'Holiday Hell'

Jeffrey Combs has been a horror icon for as long as I’ve been alive. In 1986 I got to see ‘Re-Animator’ in the backroom of a VHS rental shop, and the following year I dressed up as Herbert West for Halloween. To say that I was excited to speak with Mr. Combs about his newest project is a vast understatement. Combs has appeared in nearly every aspect of geek culture from some of the best horror films of the ’80s to nearly every recent ‘Star Trek’ series. He is as engrained in the sci-fi and horror genres as the tropes that made them dear to our hearts.

Today Jeff Combs and I spoke about a winter-themed horror film called ‘Holiday Hell’. Written and directed by Jeff Ferrell and Jeff Vigil, this festive flick is, in fact, an anthology tale. Combs portrays a shopkeeper who’s various curiosities each contain a story. Those stories unravel as individual parts of the anthology. We won’t spoil anything, but Jeff did tell us that not everything is as it seems in the store.

‘Holiday Hell’ will be available via on-demand and DVD November 11th, but you can stream it right now exclusively on Tubi! The film will also have three screenings in LA, Portland, and Seattle over the next month too!