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Sony’s ‘Silver & Black’ will spotlight Spider-Man supporting cast members Silver Sable and Black Cat as well as villains (*deep breath*) Mendell Stromm, The Tarantula, The Scorpion, The Chameleon, Tombstone, Oscorp employee Charles Standish and in a voice-only role, Norman Osborn AND allies soldier of fortune Dominic Fortune and Department of Justice agent Mark Sim.  Ready for even more cast members?  Word has it that the film will also include Sable’s crack paramilitary team of specialists, The Wild Pack.

There have been numerous members of The Wild Pack in the comics, including two that most certainly won’t be in this film: The Sandman and Battlestar.  Sandman was used as a villain, played by Thomas Hayden Church in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, so Sony will most likely let him cool a bit before revisiting him in a film.  Meanwhile, Battlestar was the partner of ’80s-era replacement Captain America, John Walker (later known as the U.S. Agent), which makes him unavailable for a number of reasons.

As for who WILL reportedly appear in the film, first is Doug Powell (left), a core member of The Wild Pack who was revealed to be racist and sexist.  His prejudices caused friction between him and the ethnic members of the team (including Battlestar, who was African American).  In the film, Powell is said to be Sable’s right-hand man.

He is said to closely resemble his comic book form along with Sable’s Uncle Morty (right), who serves as the team’s accountant.

The rest of the characters will reportedly be altered from their original comic incarnations.

Off the battle field, there is Lorna Kleinfeldt (left), who in the comics, worked as the manager of the team.  Reportedly, in the film, her character will be named simply “Klein” and though it isn’t clear how, she will not resemble the matronly woman/battleaxe from the comics.

In the comics, Amy Chen was another Wild Pack member with whom Powell clashed, due to her being both a woman and Vietnamese.  She was sold into slavery as a child and after years of physical and sexual abuse, she became a killer in order to survive.  However, in the script, reportedly Chen will be a man, as he was depicted in the Ultimate comics.  Unlike Amy Chen, who was a prominent character in the ‘Silver Sable and the Wild Pack’ comic book, the Ultimate Chen wasn’t given a lengthy backstory.

Rounding out the field team is Larry Arnold, who was originally brought into the team to replace his friend Raul Quentino.  But as a replacement member, he wasn’t as well-developed.

Possible SPOILER/RUMOR ALERT:  In the script, Mendell Stromm was the murderer of Silver Sable’s father.  Even though Sable is hired to locate and capture Black Cat, she seizes the opportunity to avenge his death.

This film expands upon the universe set up by ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ so there is a chance that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker may factor in as well (as if there weren’t enough characters in it already)!

‘Silver & Black’ is set to open on February 8, 2019.  Gina Prince-Bythewood is set to direct and co-pen the script with Christopher Yost.

What do you think about The Wild Pack appearing in ‘Silver & Black’?

Source: The Hashtag Show