The BirdsIt looks like BBC doesn’t feel that Alfred Hitchcock‘s iconic ‘The Birds’ is sacred and is planning on expanding the story by giving us an ongoing television series based off the film. While Platinum Dunes has had a cinematic remake in pre-production hell for years, it sounds like this one will be based more off of the 1952 novelette which was penned by Daphne du Maurier than the cinematic masterpiece we all know and love.

Sadly, when it comes to black and white movies it is harder to get modern audiences willing to invest their time into checking them out so knowing that the 1963 film is increasingly out of the viewer’s eyes makes this one an easy series to do if they can modernize it in a way that will bring the story before new eyes.

This also means that it will take place in the original setting of the UK instead of Bodega Bay in California as Hitchcock had done. We’ll see it set in Cornwall as the original novella did in a farming community.

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with ‘The Birds’ it takes place in a remote area where suddenly the bird population decides that it is time to get rid of all of mankind.

The new series is set to be a TV drama and is being produced by David Heyman’s (‘Harry Potter’,’Gravity’) Heyday Television and NBCUniversal International Studios. The pilot, if not entire series, is being written by Conor McPherson. Fittingly enough, McPherson had already adapted the original source material into a stage play back in 2009 so this won’t be new ground for him.

At this time, actors and a release date have yet to be announced so I wouldn’t hold your breath for this hitting the small screen in the near future.

Are you okay with a remake of ‘The Birds’ being done for television? Who would you like to see as part of the show? Share your thoughts below!