We all knew this was coming, but now it’s official: Dragon Con has been canceled.  The annual Atlanta gathering was supposed to have been held from Friday, September 3 until Monday, September 7, which is Labor Day weekend in the U.S.

In a statement delivered via the show’s official website, it was expressed:

“After many months of hand-wringing, sleepless nights, and more Zoom meetings than we can count, we have decided that Dragon Con 2020 event will not be held in person. Trust us, we are just as bummed as you are, but know we did not make this decision lightly. Above all else, we want to thank you, our fans, our partners, the ACVB, and the city of Atlanta for the support you have given us over these past few months.”

If you purchased tickets to this year’s event, those will automatically roll over on August 15, for next year’s show.  (We hope!)  Those would-be attendees will still receive their commemorative 2020 badges and “an exclusive Dragon Con item that will not be released in any other form or fashion, as a memento of sincerest thanks for sticking with us through this.”  Those items will be mailed out in the fall.  Vendors and artists are also offered the opportunity to roll over their reservations to 2021.

Other exclusive collectibles that were supposed to have been sold at this year’s Dragon Con will be offered online.

Like San Diego Comic-Con and other events that have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dragon Con is going virtual this year, with a free event that will be accessible by pretty much anyone.

“We will be taking Dragon Con 2020 virtual this Labor Day weekend and give our fans the FREE opportunity to enjoy new content, as well as reminisce while catching up on some of the old favorites.  We fully acknowledge that a virtual event won’t come close to offering the magic that an in person Dragon Con brings, but it is our hope that it will allow our community to take some time to step off the planet that is currently experiencing an unprecedented global pandemic for four or five days to be among people who get you. People who are just like you. People who truly accept youAnd hey, if you wanna cosplay in front of your computer…that’s cool, we will be doing the same (and running some awesome contests for you to show off your work!)

“We will of course be hosting some events for fans to showcase their amazing creativity and interact in some exciting ways. Please stay tuned for details as they unfold in the upcoming weeks.”

Did you already have tickets to Dragon Con?  If so, how do you feel about this turn of events?