During the season three finale of ‘Once Upon A Time, fans may have recognized a familiar blue and silver flowing dress emerging from a mysterious urn that accompanied Hook and Emma from the past. Unless you were hiding under a rock since November, then you’ll instantly know that it belonged to Elsa, the Queen of Arendelle and star of ‘Frozen’, a recent Disney movie that has become something of a cultural phenomenon. And whenever ABC’s show known for reimagining classic fairytales returns, Elsa can add Storybrooke resident to her resume as she will be featured in the next season. However, she won’t be the only character from one of my favorite films of last year to be appearing in the series.

According to TV Line, season four of ‘Once Upon A Time’ will feature ‘Frozen’ stars Anna and Kristoff as well as Elsa. Casting is currently under way for the trio and the publication stumbled upon their character breakdowns. In case you need to jog your memory since it’s been hours since your last ‘Let It Go’ sing-along, you can check them out below:

ELSA | The Queen of Arendelle, this late-20s/early-30s beauty long struggled to control her “chilling” powers and even unleashed upon her town an eternal winter during her coronation. Ultimately, she realized that the key to controlling her powers is love — namely, her bond with sister Anna — and now she is aware of the threat she poses if she were to lose control of her magic again (in which instance Vancouver weather could rival Winnipeg’s!)

ANNA | Elsa’s slightly younger sister is a fun-loving, fearless optimist who often gets herself into situations where she is in over her head, yet is able to triumph due to her resourcefulness and can-do spirit. She values her relationship with her sister above all else.

KRISTOFF | This handsome, hearty, salt-of-the-earth ice cutter spent most of his life alone (unless you count his reindeer). He has a sometimes-gruff demeanor that can hide his deep love for Anna and her sister Elsa. When we first meet Kristoff on ‘OUAT’, he is adjusting to life at the castle — including sleeping indoors for the first time in his life.

Speaking of Kristoff’s reindeer Sven, there’s currently no word on if he or Olaf the talking snowman will appear on the show alongside their human friends that were voiced by Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, and Jonathan Groff in the movie. What we do know though is that Elsa is scheduled to appear in approximately nine episodes, while Anna and Kristoff are set for a little less than that. My theory is that the Ice Queen will be the only one to appear in the present and everyone else will be featured in flashbacks. It’s also possible that we’ll see the young lovers in present day Arendelle while Elsa is in Storybrooke, but we’ll have to wait until next season to see for sure.

What do you think about Kristoff and Anna from ‘Frozen’ joining Elsa on the next season of ‘Once Upon A Time’? Are you excited to see one of Disney’s biggest recent hits crossover into live action? Do you have any casting picks for the roles? Let us know in the comments.