david harbour

While we’re all expecting Netflix to pickup ‘Stranger Things‘ for a third season, it almost sounds like actor David Harbour has confirmed that it is already a go. With his life soon to transition from police chief Jim Hopper to ‘Hellboy‘ it could all just be a muddled mess for this amazing actor but I suspect that he might have just shared a piece of news that hadn’t officially been announced quite yet.

During a recent interview, Harbour was talking about how wonderful it has been working with the young cast members and watching them grow but not only that he stated that:

“In season 2 and season 3 they’ll grow up, you’ll watch them grow up.”

While that wasn’t an outright confirmation that a third season was going to happen, the interviewer, of course, pushed him to clarify that statement. Now, this could simply be a fact that they’ve got the third season planned out if Netflix does pick the show back up but when asked if they’ve already been renewed he says:

“I think so, but if they hate season 2 then maybe not. But I think there’ll be a season 3.”

Honestly, we think that there will be a third season as well if the upcoming one has anywhere near the same reaction from fans that the first one did. We already know that the Duffer Brothers have quite a few seasons loosely planned out if the show does continue to keep fans coming back for more. So while at this time it might not be official, I’m pretty sure it is a safe bet to say he’s going to be proven right.

Are you happy to hear that the actors are confident in a third season of ‘Stranger Things’ happening? Do you feel that the second season will live up to the hype from the first? Share your thoughts below!