Ultimate Geek Gift Guide 2018

‘Tis the season! Whether we want to admit it or not, the holiday season is upon us! If you blink you may miss the transition from fall to winter that sees us go from everything pumpkin flavored with decorative orange leaves to everything pepperminty and snow! Winter isn’t just coming, it’s here already!;l;-

With a number of major holidays creeping up on us faster than a speeding bullet, we thought it would be a great idea to put together a list of some of our favorite geeky gift ideas that are sure to be a smash hit with all fo your favorite nerds. Whether the person you’re shopping for is a hardcore nerd, a casual fan of geekery, or even if you’re just looking for some cool ideas to treat yourself with, we feel like there’s a little something for everyone in our Ultimate Geek Gift Guide 2018! Here are some of our personal favorite recommended gifts for this holiday season!

Fox Blu-Ray Box Sets

This year the team at Fox has a number of fantastic offerings for fans of the sci-fi films in the form of some amazing new Blu-Ray Box Sets! Some of our favorites are complete franchise box-sets of some of the genres best series like ‘Planet Of The Apes’, ‘Predator’, and even the recent smash hit superhero series ‘Deadpool’!

For ‘Planet Of The Apes 50th Anniversary Collection’ you get a whopping nine films in high definition from the original 1968 classic ‘Planet Of The Apes’ all the way through 2017’s ‘War For The Planet Of The Apes’ (and yes, even that super weird Tim Burton version from 2001)!

Meanwhile the ‘Predator 4K UHD Four Film Box Set’ brings you all four of the films in the main ‘Predator’ franchise, including this year’s newly released ‘The Predator’, but excluding both ‘Alien Vs. Predator’ films. Of course ‘The Predator’ is also available as a single release for those of you who have already upgraded all of the other ‘Predator’ films to Blu-Ray.

Finally, Fox has prepared a ‘Deadpool’ movie two-pack simply dubbed ‘Deadpool: The Complete Collection (For Now)’ that includes both ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Deadpool 2’.

And while it isn’t quite a box set, what holiday season would be complete without ‘Die Hard’? This year marks the 30th anniversary of the fan favorite holiday classic, so Fox has released a fancy new special edition of the ultimate Christmas movie to help people celebrate the occasion properly with ‘Die Hard Christmas Edition’!

Marvel Legends Replicas

If there’s one thing that most fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe collectively would want, it’s to bring a piece of that world into our own reality. Thankfully the team at Hasbro has made that a relatively easy task in recent years with the release of their ‘Marvel Legends’ line of life sized prop replicas! Thanks to this popular line, fans can bring unique items like Iron Man’s Helmet, Captain America’s Shield, Thor’s mighty hammer Mjolnir, and even the legendary Infinity Gauntlet! Each of these (and a few others) are available now, although they do tend to get a little bit pricey. Still, what better way to celebrate the holidays than with a piece of what is arguably the biggest film franchise in cinema history?

Geeki Tikis

Everybody drinks refreshing beverages at some point, so why shouldn’t they be able to do it in style? Beeline Creative has released a line of stylized themed ceramic tiki glasses simply titled ‘Geeki Tikis‘ that translate your favorite brands into barware! The Geeki Tikis line is already fairly expansive, featuring popular licenses like Marvel, DC Comics, ‘Rick & Morty’, ‘Universal Monsters’, ‘Star Trek’, ‘Star Wars’, and even ‘The Iron Giant’!  The team at Beeline Creative seem to be announcing new licenses for Geeki Tikis all the time, so there’s sure to be at least a few that everyone on your gift list can enjoy!


Diamond Select Gallery PVC Statues

One thing that always bothered me as a collector personally is how expensive statues can be while simultaneously how fragile statues can be! Then Diamond Select Toys came along and changed the whole game with their line of “Select Gallery’ PVC Statues! These statues are just as detailed as anything else you’d find on the market, but they’re made of super light and super sturdy PVC, so they both won’t break the bank and won’t break themselves! These Select Gallery PVC Statues are usually priced around $35-$50, so they are generally at an easy price point for people, plus they’re PVC so they’re light enough to ship easily without breakage concerns! Did we mention that Diamond Select has managed to spread the line across a ton of your favorite licenses? While the main lines are Marvel and DC Comics, there are also Select Gallery PVC figures available from licenses like ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ and ‘The Dark Tower’, with new pieces planned for the near future for brands like ‘Kingdom Hearts’, ‘The Iron Giant’, and even ‘Bruce Lee’! You can check out some of our favorites here!


R2-D2 Coffee Press

It’s a pretty safe bet that most geeks love their coffee! We have lots to nerdy stuff to do, so staying caffeinated is key! That’s why we recommend this fantastic little ‘Star Wars’ themed R2-D2 French Coffee Press! This little droid produces up to 32 ounces of fresh coffee and is available exclusively at ThinkGeek!

NECA Ultimate Figures

When it comes to sci-fi and horror figures, you don’t have to look much farther than NECA’s ‘Ultimate’ line of figures for some of the best gift ideas! Each and every figure in NECA’s ‘Ultimate’ line features an incredibly detailed sculpt and a massive amount of articulation in order for it to live up to the name! The line is comprised of mostly horror figures, but there are some fantastic science fiction offerings blended into the line as well! You can check out some of our favorites here!

‘Jurassic Park’ Raptor Claw Bottle Opener

For fans of ‘Jurassic Park’, there are few items that could possibly be more iconic than a raptor claw. In the film we see Alan Grant carrying one around for the majority of the film, and now fans have a chance to have one of their own that even has some built in functionality! From Factory Entertainment we have the officially licensed ‘Jurassic Park’ Raptor Claw Bottle Opener! This bottle opener is based on the original prop from the film and is cast in zinc alloy so that it’s heavy duty and damn near impossible to damage. It’s super easy to use and makes a great display piece as a prop replica, and even manages to be a practical item to own!

‘Hellboy’ Library Editions

Next year marks the 25th anniversary of Mike Mignola’s legendary ‘Hellboy’ character, so what better way to celebrate than by stocking up on classic ‘Hellboy’ stories? The team Dark Horse Comics recently began publishing a series of Hardcover ‘Hellboy’ Library Editions that collect the entire run of the series from the characters launch until his stories end in ‘Hellboy In Hell’! Each hardcover volume is sized 9″x12″ and includes two full story arcs; meaning each one is essentially two Trade Paperback volumes in length. In addition to the phenomenal classic ‘Hellboy’ stories, these Hardcover ‘Hellboy’ Library Editions also include a ton of bonus material like previously unreleased sketches and designs! You can order all seven volumes here!

Chair Capes

Everyone likes to decorate their workspace, so why not give the gift of an officially licensed Chair Cape? It’s a pretty basic premise that’s exactly what it sounds like; a decorative cape you can ‘wear’ and display on your favorite computer chair! These are the perfect way to add some extra personality to your workspace, and Entertainment Earth has been sure to license some top brands including Marvel, DC Comics, and ‘Star Trek’ to ensure that your favorite fandoms are easy for you to represent! Check them out here!

‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Blu-Ray Box Set

Most fans would agree that the 1993 classic ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ is probably the single most definitive version of Batman outside of the actual comics. This year we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the iconic cartoon, and the team at DC Entertainment has prepared a wonderful new Blu-Ray box set to commemorate the occasion! Newly remastered in high definition, all 109 episodes of  ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ is looking better than ever! On top of both a physical Blu-Ray and digital copy of each episode of the show, this Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set also includes the movies ‘Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm’ and ‘Batman: Subzero’, Lenticular Collector Cards, a ton of bonus features,  plus Funko Pocket POP! Vinyls of Batman, The Joker, and Harley Quinn! The ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set is the ultimate gift for any ‘Batman’ fan! This set is still available here!

The Thirteenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver

A Sonic Screwdriver might be the single most useful tool for your adventures through time and space, so it would only make sense to add the newest version to the gift list for the geeks you care for the most? On top of being an excellent stocking stuffer, the new Thirteenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver makes a great gift on its own! This new version sports a new look from the currently airing series, plus lights and sounds!

‘Select’ Action Figures

The crew at Diamond Select Toys are known for producing a number of awesome products, but there are few quite as popular as their namesake brand of ‘Select’ action figures! This line of 7″ scale action figures are feature detailed sculpts and plenty of articulation, with many of them even including a diorama piece to liven up your displays! The ‘Select’ line is also incredibly diverse, giving us a number of sub-lines like ‘Marvel Select’, ‘Ghostbusters Select’, ‘Pacific Rim Select’, ‘Nightmare Before Christmas Select’, ‘Kingdom Hearts Select’, and more! The ‘Select’ 7″ scale action figure line from Diamond Select Toys offer a great ‘Select’-tion of gift ideas for everyone! Check out some of our favorites here!


Yeah, we know. ‘Porgs’ is kind of vague. But you know what? We will be damned if they weren’t the best new addition to the ‘Star Wars’ universe since Disney took over the brand. You can try to argue with us, but we hope you’ll just see the validity of our claim and accept it for what it is. Either way, there is a TON of fantastic ‘Porg’ merchandise out there that almost any ‘Star Wars’ fan would love to add to their home! On top of all the obvious stuff like plush toys, Legos, and action figures, there are also lots of practical Porg gifts like mugs, socks, and even a Teapot! Our personal favorite is still the three-and-a-half-foot tall (43″!) plush Porg that will take over literally any room you place it in! Porgs are the gift that keeps on giving.

James T. Kirk Bourbon

Beam us up, Scottie! Or should we say “Scotch-ie”? Boldly go where few have gone before with James T. Kirk Bourbon! The only officially licensed ‘Star Trek’ bourbon on the market that is sure to set your giftees to stunned! The bourbon is made in small batches using choice barrels and aged for anywhere from four years to twelve years. Silver Screen Bottling Company has produced both a ‘standard’ and a special ‘Reserve’ version of their James T. Kirk Bourbon, meaning you can take things to the final frontier of gift giving! Check out their website here and find out where to buy it!

‘Jurassic Park: Danger!’ Board Game

For board game fans, we’d recommend the Target exclusive ‘Jurassic Park: Danger!’ Board Game! The game is an adventure strategy game that allows one player to play as the dinosaurs while the other players play as some of the iconic human characters from the original ‘Jurassic Park’ film! Each character you can play as has different abilities and goals to help you win the game and survive the dangers of Isla Nublar and ‘Jurassic Park’, and the game board tiles are modular so you’re able to set them up differently each time you play and enjoy a whole new game experience!  Remember, this game is available exclusively at Target!

McFarlane Stranger Things

Few franchises have blown up quite so big and quite so fast as Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’! Thankfully the team at McFarlane Toys have some terrifying new collectibles based on the hit series that you’ll definitely want to snag before they end up in The Upside Down! On top of a highly detailed and fully articulated line of action figures (which includes a massive Demogorgon figure), McFarlane has also produced a 1:1 scale life-sized ‘Squeezable’ Dart figure that fits perfectly int he palm of your hand (or perhaps in a stocking?) and opens his mouth when you squeeze him! You can check out a ton of McFarlane Toys’ ‘Stranger Things’ offerings available here!

DC Collectibles Artists Alley PVC Statues

For those who love comics and collectibles but want something a bit more unique, DC Collectibles has recently launched their ‘Artists Alley’ Collection that brings the specific styles of select artists to life in your collection with new takes on some of your favorite classic characters! So if you’re looking to find the perfect something for your favorite DC Comics fan who already seems to have everything, the DC Collectibles ‘Artists Alley’ line could very well be the solution you’re looking for with its stylized versions of some of the best characters the DC Universe has to offer! Check them out here!

Minimates & Vinimates

There are few toylines in existence that are quite as diverse and customizable as Diamond Select Toys’ ‘Minimates’ line! This popular line of fully articulated 2″ scale figures has been going strong since 2002 and has seen a vast number of licenses during its time, meaning that there is literally something for everyone out there! Currently some of the most popular licenses available in stores include Marvel Comics (which also includes the Marvel Cinematic Universe), ‘Kingdom Hearts’, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, ‘Back To The Future’, “Beetlejuice’, ‘X-Files’, ‘The Iron Giant’, ‘Watchmen’, and even the films of Kevin Smith like ‘Mallrats’! Minimates make a perfect gift because they’re small, yet still detailed, and bring a number of fan favorite characters to life in a fun to collect way! You can check out a number of them that are available here!

In addition to the Minimates line, Diamond Select Toys also produces a line of 3.75″ scale figures called Vinimates that combine the aesthetic style of Minimates with stylized vinyl figures for an awesome new collectible that also features some of your favorite pop culture licenses! You can check out some of our favorites here!

‘Power Rangers Legacy’ Replicas

Next year the ‘Power Rangers’ license is jumping ship from Bandai to Hasbro after a whopping 25 years! For longtime ‘Power Rangers’ fans, this is a huge deal, and for collectors it’s an even bigger one! You see, once things switch over from Bandai to Hasbro, all of the products currently on the market are likely going to dry up super fast and become near impossible to obtain as they will all be out of production, so that would make this holiday season the perfect time to give them as a gift! Almost any ‘Power Rangers’ fan would flip their lid to get their hands on any number of the ‘Power Rangers Legacy’ prop replicas like the Dragon Dagger, the Power Morpher, Saba, a Blade Blaster, a Zeo-Morpher, and even a wearable Green Ranger Helmet! Check them out here while you still can!


Another fun toyline that we’ve recently seen hitting the collectors market are the Entertainment Earth exclusive Wittles! These neat little 4″ stylized wooden dolls bring some of your favorite Marvel and DC Comics characters to life in a fun new way that will stand out on your display space! The paint applications are bright so the personality of each character really pops! Check them out here!


Now hear us out, because we know this sounds like a no brainer! Pretty much everyone needs a decent pair of slippers for walking around the house, especially in the dead of winter where the holidays fall! So what better way to celebrate the season than with a pair of super comfortable plush slippers themed around someone’s favorite nerdy thing like ‘Deadpool’, ‘Aquaman’, ‘Labyrinth’, or ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’? ThinkGeek has quite a few fun pairs of slippers available here for you to check out!

Flasher Gremlin Life-Sized Prop Replica

We know what you’re thinking- “why would anyone want that?”. And you’re probably right. But oh man can you imagine the look on their face when they open up a huge box to find this inside? This 1:1 life-sized ‘Flasher Gremlin’ Stunt Puppet Prop Replica from ‘Gremlins 2: The New Batch’ is one of the most ridiculous collectibles on the market, so it’s arguably the weirdest gift you could possibly give this holiday season! Granted, you’ll also really have to like someone because this 30″ tall rubber-latex prop replica will set you back a pretty penny with an MSRP of $300 (but you can snag him for $250 at BBTS!)!

‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Expressions Packs

Earlier in this list we mentioned how ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ is arguably the most definitive version of the ‘Batman’ brand, so you can see why we would double back to recommend you some fantastic toys based on the show! While the main toyline is already great as is, the team at DC Collectibles have released several ‘Expressions Packs’ that take the basic figures to a whole new level! Essentially, each ‘Expressions Pack’ includes a basic figure along with a ton of exclusive accessories and alternative heads featuring different facial expressions so that you can display your figures in whatever way you choose! These are particularly awesome because many of the alternative heads and accessories are episode specific, so you can really put together your favorite versions of Batman, The Joker, and Harley Quinn in your display!

Chia Groot

We’re pretty sure that every single person that saw ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ left the movie wishing they could grow their own Groot at home! Well, now they can; kind of. Check out this officially licensed Potted Baby Groot Chia Pet! With this planter, you can grow your very own Baby Groot Chia Pet, and while that isn’t quite the same as growing the real thing, it is probably as close as we are ever going to get in this lifetime. Give the gift of Groot this holiday season! 

‘Jurassic Park’ Clawzplay Plushies

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your favorite human characters from ‘Jurassic Park’ were actually dinosaurs? Because that’s the basic premise of the ‘Jurassic Park’ Clawzplay Plushies line! The line is comprised of a set of four plush collectibles featuring Alan Grant (Velociraptor), Ellie Sattler (Triceratops), John Hammond (Brontosaurus), and Ian Malcolm (Tyrannosaurus) which are sold only as a complete set.  The team at Factory Entertainment was more focused on whether they could produce these than if they should, but we think it’s safe to say that we’re glad they exist! They’re the perfect gift for a fan of the ‘Jurassic Park’ franchise for sure!

Funko POP! Vinyls

It might seem repetitive because we know we recommend these each and every year but at the end of the day, it’s probably a safe bet that there is a Funko POP! Vinyl figure out there that fits the desires of the person you’re shopping for! Barring people who specifically hate Funko POP! Vinyls (and trust us, they’re out there), there are so many options and licenses out there for this line that it’s arguably impossible not to find one for anyone you could possibly need! There are almost 3000 figures available in this toy line, so your best bet is to just keep looking until you find the right ones! You can check out quite a few of them that are available here!

And with that, our  Ultimate Geek Gift Guide 2018 comes to a close. There are plenty of gifts out there besides these, but these are some of our absolute favorites! We hope that our guide is able to assist you with all of your holiday shopping needs, whether for family or friends, or even just something cool as a treat for yourself! We’re wishing you all the very best this holiday season regardless of what holidays you’re celebrating!