Early visuals for Marvel’s ‘Inhumans‘ hasn’t thrilled audiences but a new reveal by director Roel Reiné might have you interested. He proposes that while Maximus is set to take over the ‘Inhumans’ and drive out his brother and sister-in-law from ruling that maybe he isn’t the bad guy. After his portrayal as Ramsay Bolton on HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones,’ it is hard to imagine the actor being anything but downright despicable.

What if that isn’t the case here though. What if we’re being given a more relatable villain here as another potential fix to Marvel’s often touted “villain problem” which doesn’t give us long-running or relatable enemies? This is something that the television shows have been handling much better than the movie and Reiné had that specifically in mind when playing Maximus against his brother. Yes, he’s jealous that Black Bolt is ruling their people and how he is doing it but Maximus also believes that he can do things in a way that would not only better the lives of the ‘Inhumans’ but make them more powerful as well.

In fact, the way he will present this is by showing that Black Bolt and Medusa are the true villains.

In a recent interview about the series the director explains:

“Black Bolt and Medusa are on the wrong side and Maximus is on the right side of reason. The only thing is his means to get there are a little bit more radical and extreme. In the end, his path is a righteous path, which makes his character very interesting.”

This doesn’t mean that Reiné at all agrees with how Maximus wants to use violence to take over. With politics being central to these characters it should be no surprise that they’ll be deeply embedded in the story as well:

“[Marvel and show runner Scott Buck] thought it was really important to have a political message. It’s not only entertainment. You also want people to learn something and that’s what we did. We embraced the political side of things.”

It will be interesting to see not only how this plays out on screen but if over the course of this short season if Black Bolt and Medusa end up being more open to the concerns of their people or work to take back their mantle as King and Queen without concern for others.

Are you looking forward to Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’? Do you think that you’ll be rooting for Black Bold and Medusa or Maximus while watching the series? Share your thoughts below True Believers!