The end of “Secret Empire” is in sight and as we all know Captain America will once again be the Steve Rogers that we know and love. Now, author Mark Waid is giving us some insight as to what the star spangled hero will be like when the dust settles from his recent stint as Hydra’s ruler.

Waid is taking over in the fallout from the current story in ‘Captain America’ #695, and while we don’t know how things will play out, we do know that Rogers will be back to normal. It is unclear at this time if he’ll once again be wielding the shield and if the events that we’re currently reading about will somehow be undone by the cosmic cube. It’ll be hard to imagine an America going back to the world that more closely mirrors our own after being run by Hydra where so many were blindly following the “Hail Hydra” mindset so easily

So how will Cap end up acting? According to Waid:

“It’s great. I mean we get to sort of blank slate it. We all hate giving away the end of Secret Empire, but clearly, Captain America is going to come back. As anybody who’s ever read a comic book knows. Captain America Steve Rogers is eventually going to come back, so we get to deal to some degree with the repercussions of it, but we don’t want to dwell on that too much because that’s been a great story that has sort of monopolized Captain America for a long time. Let’s do something a little more Jack Kirby-ish. Wild adventures, going from town to town looking for big things to happen.”

While it’s great to hear that Rogers is back to how we remember him, this still doesn’t explain how he’ll be walking free and in costume after the current series comes to a close. How will this affect his friendships? It seems like that is an area that won’t be quickly addressed:

“We’re actually going to get away from them for just a little while. The through line basically is Cap is tired of being the comics, the Marvel Universe’s biggest couch surfer. He’s not really had a place of residence other than Avengers Mansion for a long, long time, so sort of out in America like looking, going from town to town, city to city, sort of looking for the place to land. If I’m going to be a part of America, if I’m going to be Captain America, I need to be part of the country.”

We’ve seen a few big names get killed off during this event, or at least appeared to have in case of last week’s murder of Black Widow. So, does that mean action might be put on the back burner to focus on things like that?

“He gets to punch the swordsman. He gets to punch…I’m still trying to work it out, still want him to punch Attuma. I don’t know if we can make that happen, but yeah, there’s new villains, there’s old villains. Chris also really wants to create a bunch of really crazy brand new villains as well. Oh, Kraven the Hunter, we can mention Kraven the Hunter too.”

I wonder if this is going to be a form of therapy for Rogers, or if he’s going to have to hold back with the world watching his every move. It is hard to tell until we see how “Secret Empire” actually comes to a close. The only tagline we know for the issue so far is that: “Back in the fight, Captain America battles to regain the support of a nation!”

Are you glad to hear that Captain America is returning to the hero he should be? How do you think the fallout of “Secret Empire” will factor into this entire series going forward? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Comic Book