Denver Comic fans were given a unbelievable treat this year. On the 75th anniversary of Batman, Adam West (Batman), Julie Newmar (Catwoman), and Burt Ward (Robin) from the popular Batman series in the 1960s. With people being turned away at the door, the exhibition room was filled, all hoping to hear “To the batmobile, Robin!” Spoiler alert, that totally happened.

Here are some of the highlights:

On Campiness

When asked if they felt that show was campy while they were making it, Adam West replied with a cheery, but sarcastic “never”. Julie Newmar added that it was better when you had fun, to which Adam West elaborated that while we have the Dark Knight, he was always the Bright Knight. He concluded that the show as “serious for the kids, and a comedy for the adults.”

On the New Batmans

For Adam West, they aren’t even the same entity. He noted one had more money, and more expertise, and they only had thirty days a limited budget to work with.

Julie Newmar chimed in, stating that their Batman was like one of the great operas of the past. It was eternal.

On Surviving

The highlight of the panels, aside from Julie Newmar’s very catlike preening, and mischievous comments that dotted the entirety of the conversation, was Burt Ward’s description of surviving the series.

He tells a story of the first day, showing up on set and meeting Adam West’s stunt double while Adam West drank coffee. The stunt double was there to do a dangerous shot where the Batmobile shoots out of the cave at 55 miles-per-hour, and makes a sharp left. Naturally, Ward started looking around for his own double, soon realizing that his is having a coffee with Adam West.

When he asked why he was doing the stunt, they responded, “Your stunt double doesn’t look like you.”

So, Ward did the stunt, but the door opened as they made the turn, nearly launching him from the car. He managed to hold on by his fingers, and dislocated one. When he got out, his hand swollen, they decided he should go to the hospital… but not until after they got the shot.

Apparently, this was just the first of many dangerous situations poor Burt Ward had to endure.

“They took out an insurance policy on me,” Ward said. “After the last 3 episodes, I think they were trying to collect.”

“But you have a black belt!” Newmar explained.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t help with explosions!” replied Ward.

On the Utility Belt

The last question of the day was about a favorite utility belt item. “My favorite,” the fan said, “was the shark spray.”

Adam West replied easily that it was the shield, though he wasn’t sure how such a big item came out of such a tiny pocket. Burt Ward added that his favorite was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.