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CBS has unveiled a new teaser for ‘Star Trek: Discovery’.  It doesn’t feature any footage from the show itself but does showcase some of its stars, like Michelle Yeoh (Captain Phillippa Georgiou of the USS Shenzhou), Jason Isaacs (Captain Gabriel Lorca of the USS Discovery), Chris Obi (Klingon leader T’Kuvma), James Frain (Sarek), Doug Jones (Lt. Saru) and finally Sonequa Martin-Green as Commander Michael Burnham, the focus of the show and narrator of this clip.

Keep in mind that ‘Discovery’ is a prequel so everything this cast encounters will be brand new to them.  Everything is… well, a discovery.  How will these new heroes face these new findings with no prior recorded experience?

Maybe this teaser, posted to Instagram will clue you in:

Our mission is not to conquer, but to discover. Discovery begins September 24 on #CBSAllAccess. #startrekdiscovery

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In case you didn’t catch it all, here is a transcript of Martin-Green’s narrations:

As we stand at the edge of an unknown universe, we know our greatest challenges lie before us, that our future is not bound by fear and that our mission is not to conquer, but to discover. That is our destiny, a destiny written written in the stars. So, we boldly go where we have never gone before.

As a bonus, CBS also released individual motion posters for several characters.

Isaacs as Captain Lorca:

“We are creating a new way to fly.” -Captain Gabriel Lorca #StarTrekDiscovery premieres September 24th!

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Jones as Saru:

“My people were biologically determined for one purpose alone: to sense the coming of death.” – Saru

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And intriguingly enough, a previously unannounced character Voq (actor unknown).  He is described thusly: “Touched by fate and fire. He is Voq”

Meet Voq! #StarTrekDiscovery premieres on CBS All Access on September 24!

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Here is a vaguely better look at him:

Finally, just for fun, here is a video of the cast wishing Michelle Yeoh a Happy Birthday!

It certainly seems that the cast is coming together as a family, which is always a good thing.  Off-screen chemistry (or lack thereof) can impact the performances in front of the cameras.

Will you be signing up for CBS All Access in order to beam aboard ‘Star Trek: Discovery’?