If you’ve been dying to find out what happened in that cliffhanger of an episode for the 10th season of ‘The X-Files‘ than you now have one more reason to look forward to its return as Annabeth Gish is returning to the series! That’s right folks, Monica Reyes will be back again and hopefully with a bit of a juicier part than just briefly sharing information with Scully in a last minute save. They didn’t really have a chance to explore exactly what she has been up to since ‘The X-Files’ in detail and a catch-up combined with helping save Scully seems like the perfect combination to bring her back to the story.

Gish shared the recent news on Instagram and of course, didn’t give us any details:

Shall we? #iwanttobelieve👽#monicareyes #xfiles

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Fans of the actress will, of course, want to believe that she’ll be playing a more vital role this time around. Ideally, helping David Duchovny’s Agent Mulder track down his partner. Perhaps they could even bring back Robert Patrick’s John Doggett to help on the case though they haven’t even hinted as to what he is currently up to. Of course, with his work on ‘Scorpion’, it might be hard to fit into his schedule. As many weren’t a fan of these two on screen, especially with Fox hinting that they wanted to replace Mulder and Scully with them full time, it might not be a treat for everyone to see them both helping out again.

Are you looking forward to seeing more of Monica Reyes on ‘The X-Files’? Will we at least get a name drop of Doggett and what he’s been up to if they don’t bring him back to the show? Share your thoughts below!

‘The X-Files’ returns to Fox for an 11th season in 2018!