cable deadpool 2

With Cable joining the Merc with the Mouth in the highly anticipated sequel ‘Deadpool 2,’ a lot of speculation is out about what the future could hold for the ‘X-Men’ franchise with the introduction of Cable, especially since he is primarily known for his time travel storylines. And one of the most well-known recent time-travel storylines with Cable of course, is the one where he is protecting the Mutant Messiah herself, young Hope Summers, and a lot of folks are wondering whether that particular storyline is being introduced, or at least hinted at, in ‘Deadpool 2.’

Our first look at Josh Brolin in costume features the man with a teddy bear dangling from his hip in the photo, making a lot of people wonder where it is just a joke put there because it is ‘Deadpool,’ or whether it is hinting that the man is taking care of a small child (aka Hope Summers). And more recently, a set photo has come out (courtesy of YVRSHOOTS via CBR) showing one of Josh Brolin’s stunt performers on set wearing a poncho very similar to the one Cable wears in the Hope Summers storyline (compare with the image above).

Of course, this could all just be the fans grasping at straws, but 20th Century Fox is trying to build up this franchise and have more than just ‘Deadpool’ and the main ‘X-Men’ franchise going on, as evidenced by the ‘New Mutants’ and ‘X-Force’ films being produced and TV shows like ‘Legion’ and ‘Gifted.’ What better way to introduce yet another storyline, and another gifted young mutant than to bring Hope Summer into the fold. Not only that, but she and Cable have the potential to also tie a lot of the weird continuity issues together because of their time travel capabilities, especially since the ‘X-Men’ franchise features so many soft-reboots and confusing time-travel aspects already.

What are your thoughts here? Could it just be a random teddy bear and some costume designer’s choice to have that poncho? Or could it really be hinting that Hope Summers will appear in ‘Deadpool 2?’ Share your theories in the comments below!