If you’re a fan of the CW network, then you probably know who Katie Cassidy is. In what sounds like a great casting coup, Cassidy has been given the role of Dinah “Laurel” Lance.

The character of Lance is described as a 28 year old, smart and sexy legal aid attorney who once shared a romantic past with Oliver Queen. She now uses her life as a one-woman war to help those in need. As luck would have it, her younger sister happened to have died while aboard Oliver’s yacht. In the comic books, this character has a superhero alter ego called Black Canary. Whether or not we’ll see that alter ego appear remains to be seen.

Cassidy has done a lot of work in shows that air on the CW network starring in ‘Gossip Girl,’ ‘Melrose Place,’ ‘7th Heaven’ and has also played Ruby in the series ‘Supernatural.’ She’s also appeared in the movies ‘Taken’ and ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street.’ She will be joining Susanna Thompson (who was just added to the cast yesterday), Dave Ramsey (as John Diggle) and Stephen Amell (as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow).

So with the major of the roles cast, it looks like production for ‘Arrow’ will soon begin. All they need to do now is cast the roles of Tommy Merlyn and Thea Queen. From the quickness of the latest casting announcements, I wouldn’t be surprised if the last two roles were announced in the next couple days. ‘Arrow’ was only given a pilot commitment but if the executives like the final product, we may see in on the schedule for next season.