About a month ago, Dish Network announced that they would no longer offer AMC, in addition to other channels, on their service. Customers everywhere were devastated considering that AMC has three of the most popular TV shows on television today: ‘Mad Men’, ‘Breaking Bad’, and ‘The Walking Dead’. Many thought that the matter would be resolved before the latest season of ‘Breaking Bad’ aired, but things are still unresolved and there are no signs of resolution in sight at the moment.

In an attempt to make Dish see the error of their ways, AMC has launched the “Put Zombies Back” campaign. The network recently released a viral video exploring whether zombies can live among us. They unleashed some walkers on the unsuspecting citizens of New York City and hilarity ensues, but the video is meant to make a stronger statement. Check out the video, courtesy of Shock Till You Drop, below:

In case you missed it, the tagline of the video was ”Zombies don’t belong here. Put them back on TV.” Quite the shot fired by AMC on Dish in this PR war, I’d say.

What say you? Are you a current Dish customer who wants AMC back? Did you discontinue your subscription to the service after cutting the home of ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Breaking Bad’, and more? Let’s hear your side of things in the comments below.