Game of Thrones

While many folks may have stuck around until the very end of this week’s ‘Game of Thrones’ episode to see the Behind the Scenes featurette, for many, they instead wait for HBO to release those featurettes onto the internet proper, which has been an issue this year as HBO has been a little slow at releasing those featurettes. Fortunately, the featurettes for all 3 of the first episodes of Season 7 have now made their way onto YouTube.

The one for ‘The Queen’s Justice’ starts off by discussing the big meeting between Jon and Daenerys, which David Benioff and D.B. Weiss felt would be the spine of the episode, holding everything together, as on the day the scenes were shot they felt the excitement in the air at finally having those characters come together. Personally, while it is a big moment, I think they may have banked too much on the meeting carrying the episode, as I have heard many fans complain that not much else happened in Episode 3, as they clearly were not as enthralled with the big meeting as Benioff and Weiss thought everyone would be.

The executive producers went on to talk about the war strategy between Cersei and Dany, and how things have now shifted onto a more even playing field, and Dany’s forces do not seem to have quite the overwhelming advantage they once did when she first arrived at Westeros. Cersei has won some decisive victories and spread Dany’s forces thin, with Jamie baiting Greyworm and the Unsullied to take Casterly Rock while he took Highgarden and all of their resources, leaving Dany and Tyrion to figure out how to counter Cersei. Weiss and Benioff also discussed the fact that Highgarden is not known for its fighting prowess, hence why they did not show much of the battle there, instead choosing to jump straight to Jamie’s confrontation with Lady Olenna, with Weiss claiming it is his favorite scene with Diana Rigg on the show. They spoke on how Olenna, even during her death, proved to be the superior tactician, and how she managed to one-up both Jamie and Cersei even in their final moments, which is amazing in a season where Cersei and Jamie have proven themselves to be smarter than almost everyone else so far (in war strategy at least). I know I’m going to really miss Lady Olenna.

You can check out the Episode 3 featurette here, and share your thoughts on last week’s episode and any theories for Episode 4 in the comments section below!