Rhona Mitra
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When ‘Supergirl‘ returns to The CW for Season 4 we’ll see Rhona Mitra (‘The Last Ship’,’Underworld: Rise of the Lycans’) joining the cast as a classic DC villain. In the upcoming run of the series, we’ll see Mitra not showing any mercy to our hero as she takes on the role of Mercy Graves!

This will be a fun ‘Superman’ connection as Graves is associated with his most popular enemy, Lex Luthor. The character is generally Luther’s bodyguard:

But with both Lex and Lillian in prison Mercy is stepping out of the Luthor shadow and running her own show. With her biting wit and lethal brawn, Mercy steadily becomes a key figure in National City’s growing ‘human-first’ movement.

It sounds like she is going to be a key player who is working to undermine Kara in a way that brawn can’t immediately handle. Joining Mitra will be Robert Baker (‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘The Originals’) who will play Mercy’s brother Otis. He’ll be working to help his sister at every turn and “What he lacks in brains, he makes up for with his savant-like abilities to assassinate aliens.”

It sounds like Otis might be the one that we’ll have to see Supergirl looking out for when things heat up. It isn’t clear if we’ll see the pair going directly after Supergirl at the outset of the season of if other aliens will be on their radar before they try to tackle her.

Are you interested in seeing how the Graves family and the “human-first” movement pose problems for ‘Supergirl’ moving forward? Do you think that the Luthers will somehow find their way out of prison by the end of the upcoming season? Will this include a focus on attacks which are more political and social than physical against our hero? Share your thoughts below!

‘Supergirl’ returns to The CW for Season 4 on Sunday, October 14th, 2018 at 8/7c!

Source: TV Line