Many fans of ‘Warehouse 13’ loved the camaraderie between Myka and H.G. Wells on the show. Their friendship seemed to last even after H.G.’s betrayal and being non-corporal. But can there be more? The  lingering looks…the secretive side glances…the fact that Wells stated her bisexuality by saying that “many of my lovers were men” had fans wondering.

At last July’s Comic-Con, Joanne Kelly (Myka Bering) confirmed what many fans thought saying her character Myka and Jaime Murray’s character H.G. Wells “fell in love a little bit.” Executive producer, Jack Kennedy added, “…it’s nice to see women relating to each other on a level that is not competitive that is not attacking each other. One that is supportive and loving and caring about each other. There’s plenty of the other stuff on other shows. This is about two women who actually care about each other.”

Originally, the writers thought of H.G. and Myka as becoming just friends, but the idea to bring some romantic tension between them was actually Kelly and Jaime Murray’s (H.G. Wells) idea. As Kelly explained in a phone interview with io9, “Jaime and I decided that [on our own] and then once the writers saw what we were doing, they kind of went with it. But that was Jaime and my idea. We decided, ‘Wouldn’t it be fun if they were kind of in love?’ So we fell in love.”

Fans may wonder if they’ll ever get to see Myka and H.G. together considering the latter’s fate in last season’s finale, but Kelly would still like to see it happen:

Oh God, yeah. I would love that. With Jaime? That would be awesome. It’s the only romantic relationship that we get to see Myka (have). And it’s not even romantic in the traditional sense of romance. We see this deep, deep bond with these two people, and the only other relationship that I’ve really explored like that was with Sam, my partner who died. And we just kind of touched on it. But H.G. is a much bigger storyline.

Myka will be seen partnering up with Pete for another mission when a special Christmas episode of ‘Warehouse 13’ airs on Tuesday. The episode will find Pete seeing what the world would be like without him (a la ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’) thanks to…what else…an artifact. Kelly explains that she will be portraying the Myka we saw in the pilot and we’ll get to see what happens to her had she never met Pete or became involved with the Warehouse.

As for season four, Kelly has no idea what to expect but does say you just never know what can happen in a world of artifacts.

‘Warehouse 13’ ‘The Greatest Gift’ will air Tuesday, December 6, on the Syfy channel at 9 ET/PT.