We’ve all fed into our Hunger Games obsession. You’ve read the books, and if you’re like me, you read them more than once. Perhaps you’ve even tried the cookbook. Now we’ve seen the movie. The question then becomes: how do you feed this obsession until ‘Catching Fire’ hits theaters?

I may have an answer.

An interesting book has hit shelves. ‘The Girl Who Was On Fire: Movie Edition’ is a collection of essays discussing our favorite trilogy. Sixteen young adult contributors discuss the series. It’s more than just discussing Peeta or Gale, or just Katniss herself. These essays are well thought out, deeply written and compelling to read.

To be honest, the thought of reading other people’s opinions of a series didn’t seem all that appealing to me. I didn’t quite grasp why it would be. But in reading this book, I was taken back to some discussions I had with friends while reading the series, and it brought to light thoughts I hadn’t pondered in the first place. It is actually quite interesting to see how others view the Peeta vs. Gale argument, and how they interpreted that question in itself. How they view the politics in the series as politics in our own lives currently. They even go into the psychology behind Haymitch’s drinking, and how Katniss and Peeta are after the games.

It’s things you think about briefly, but never actually give much deeper thought to. These 16 authors went above and beyond, bringing these thoughts to life, giving them depth. Doing the research that we never thought to do. It is a fun, interesting way to feed the obsession, one that could be read in groups to discuss.

The contributors are: Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Mary Borsellind, Sarah Rees Brennan, Terri Clark, Bree Despain, Brent Hartinger, Adrienne Kress, Sarah Darer Littman, Cara Lockwood, Jackson Pearce, Diana Peterfreund, Elizabeth M. Rees, Carrie Ryan, Ned Vizzini, Lili Wilkinson and Blythe Woolston. The book was edited by Leah Wilson, with an introduction written by her as well.

If you pick up a copy of ‘The Girl Who Was On Fire’, let us know what you thought!