If we’re getting a connected Spider-Man Cinematic Universe without the WallCrawler it would almost seem that Sony Pictures has to have someone else to take his place. My money is on it being Venom.

At this point in the game, we’re still not sure who Tom Hardy will be playing when wearing the symbiote but over the years in the comics, we’ve seen Eddie Brock become an anti-hero and for a couple of years it was worn by Flash Thompson. Thompson’s run as the character might be the most interesting here as he was a member of both the Secret Avengers, the Thunderbolts, as well as the Guardians of the Galaxy.

With the recently rumored addition of Carnage to his movie, it is quite clear that Venom will be the one to stop Cletus Kasady. It almost makes you wonder if the film’s R-Rating won’t be from the brutality of Venom but of the villain he is working to stop.

In fact, the idea of Agent Venom could fit in brilliantly here. It could start with a rogue government faction using criminals for guinea pigs. They could experiment on Cletus Kasady who escapes as Carnage, and they use their refined work to make Thompson into Agent Venom which sounds like a solid fit to build a hero.

I’m still not thrilled about a SpiderVerse that doesn’t have Peter Parker front and center but basing much of it around Venom taking on that role with Silver Sable’s team filling out the rest of the heroes before the eventually team up in a ‘Sinister Six’ movie seems like a feasible plan. Especially, as we’re already seeing the groundwork for a ‘Sinister Six’ film already being laid with movies for Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter in the works.

Unless Sony somehow still shoehorns all of these movies into the Marvel Cinematic Universe like AMy Pascal seems to think is happening.

Could you buy into the idea of a Venom as Spidey styled cinematic universe? Would you rather see an Eddie Brock anti-hero or Agent Venom character in the leading role? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

‘Venom’ will be swinging into theaters everywhere on October 5th, 2018!