netflix adventures

For a while now, Netflix has been pushing the boundaries of what kind of company they are and what kind of original entertainment they can create to share with audiences.  They are the first streaming service to win major Hollywood awards for content it created in-house, and now they are looking to score another major victory with the younger crowd: they are creating interactive, choose-your-own-adventure type shows for kids to experience and enjoy.

They are calling it Kids Interactive Adventure programs, and all it really takes to experience it is a Netflix subscription, a remote, and a little bit of attention to what you’re watching.  The new service is initially being designed for the younger crowd, with the first two offerings being the Dreamworks-based ‘Puss in Boots: Trapped in an Epic Tale’ and the original creation ‘Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile.’

In their statement promoting the new feature, Netflix said:

“We’ve done extensive research and talked to lots of kids and parents, collecting qualitative data to better understand if this is something viewers will like. While we’ve gotten positive feedback (for example, parents like the fact their child has the ability to make decisions and take a seat in the director’s chair, if you will), we’re eager to learn how our members will engage with the experience.”

While Netflix has said that, for the time being, they are focused on new interactive programs aimed at kids, they have not ruled out the potential for adult programming in the future.

‘Puss in Boots: Trapped in an Epic Tale’ is available now on Netflix.  ‘Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile’ will be released in July on the streaming service.