In the current ‘Captain America’ story line, Steve Rogers has been without his super soldier serum once again leaving him an old and powerless man unable to wield the shield which will lead us to a new person to wear the mantle. The new Captain America is set to debut in issue #25 being released this fall and while Wolverine is on the cover he should be past his 3 months to live at that point.

Writer Rick Remender will be penning the script and he is the author who is already responsible for the Super Soldier Serum having been removed from Rogers’ system and turning him into a 90ish year old. While he won’t be running around being the super hero we know him as this doesn’t mean that Rogers will be sitting idly by while others fight the good fight.

According to Remender, “He’s basically orchestrating things and playing tactician, fighting against Zola, using his friends in the Avengers to try and do so.”

While it might be odd for Steve to not be front and center in action, this is far from the first time he’s been in that kind of situation. While he’s never liked it, and usually ends up jumping into the fray, he has long been a planner — both from leading The Avengers as well as S.H.I.E.L.D. this won’t be leaving him out of his depth.

Also, for anyone not following the story line, this isn’t the first time Rogers has given up the mantle of Cap. In recent years, he was briefly thought of as dead and Bucky Barnes, or The Winter Soldier, took over the persona for awhile.

So, who will take up the mantle shield? With Barnes still in hiding to avoid having to take responsibility for his past, that is a tough call. Rumors set his best friend Sam Wilson, aka The Falcon, as the lead contender.

Who do you think will end up being Captain America while Rogers is out of action? How long do you think it will be before they revitalize him with a new dose of the serum or something similar? Share your thoughts below true believers!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter