carnage venom

In the latest head scratching development about Sony’s ‘Spiderman’ spin-off film ‘Venom‘ (a film that isn’t a spin-off though it really is a spin-off) which already features a villain whose origin story is wrapped around a human reporter and an alien symbiote’s shared hatred of Peter Parker and Spider-Man (neither of whom are going to be in the movie, nor is it clear whether or not they will exist in the same universe with Venom, which is another oddity), it seems another Spider-Man villain will be prominently featured, one that fans had always hoped would actually face off against Spider-Man someday. Yep, you guessed right, ‘Venom’ will feature Carnage, another villain with Spider-Man’s abilities whose origins are entangled with the wall-crawler, who is being pulled away from the ‘Spider-Man’ mythology to try to make this ‘Venom’ nonsense work.

Look, I’m not excited for ‘Venom.’ I don’t really care that Tom Hardy signed on for the lead as Eddie Brock, nor that we will finally get to see Carnage in all his serial killer, crazy bad guy glory (supposedly). These are Spider-Man villains, and it makes NO SENSE to make these movies without the hero that defines them, and it frankly seems a little desperate for Sony to be doing this.  I would even be ok if they started their own universe with Miles Morales as the hero and let Disney/ Marvel play with Peter Parker, that would at least make some modicum of sense (and we would finally get to see Miles Morales in live action), but this whole “let’s spin off all of Spider-Man’s supporting cast into their own movies” idea is bat-$@#% crazy, and I personally hope it fails miserably. Enough so that they are forced to continue making deals with Marvel and Disney to keep Spider-Man and his supporting cast alive because this nonsense is more proof that Sony has no idea what they are doing when it comes to superhero movies.

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Source: Collider