Kevin FeigeIt was previously made quite clear that Sony’s new “Spideyverse” which would have Spider-man characters without the webhead wouldn’t be part of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Only, over the weekend it sounded like that might not be the case as Sony Pictures producer Amy Pascal shared some details during ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ that they would indeed be part of the MCU! Only, Kevin Feige was sitting next to her during this interview, and his facial expression seemed to share what Marvel Studios thought about this news.

Yes, Pascal seems to be living in a fantasy world or out of the loop as everyone and their brother has stated that both ‘Venom‘ and the Black Cat and Silver Sable movie would be in their own world and yet she went so far as to say that Tom Holland may even make appearances in the movie.

Here was Feige’s reaction with a few slight modifications:

Thankfully, the Internet didn’t stop there and has been having a field day with all of his responses to the news!

So, you never know. Maybe Feige was annoyed that she broke the news early. Chances are though that this is a piece of news that Pascal seemed to have wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Do you think that Feige was nearly having a nervous breakdown with Amy spewing nonsense or was he annoyed that news broke early about a new connection between the MCU and Sony’s Spideyverse? Share your thoughts below True Believers!