live die repeat and repeat

For those who didn’t fully follow the ending of ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ then you’ll be happy to hear that the sequel ‘Live Die Repeat and Repeat‘ should clarify it for you.

When Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt return to reprise their roles in the sequel it looks like we’ll get a full explanation to what happened in the first film according to writer Christopher McQuarrie. While Jez and John-Henry Butterworth are writing the follow-up to the film, McQuarrie is still involved in the process and has shared a few details in a surprise Q&A when he shared a ‘Mission: Impossible’ sequel photo.

While he didn’t share too much on what we can expect from the film one one fan asked if he could share anything to which he responded:

As critics and fans have labeled this as one of the best time traveling films of all time, it will be interesting to see what gets explained here which might not previously have been. The initial ending had an interesting switch up that lead Cruise’s character to once again absorb the powers of the Mimics though with this time giving a drastic change in how the story played out.

He also was asked about the name for the film which I’m sure everyone has been wondering a bit about. This one seems to be one area where McQuarrie didn’t get to give feedback on. While he doesn’t outright say he likes or dislikes the name I think you can guess how we think he feels about it:

Yes, we’re not buying it that he appears to be a huge fan of Warner Brothers not only changing up the name for the home release but following that line of naming convention for the sequel. As a film which should have been a blockbuster one can only hope that this installment will be a financial hit if it lives up to the quality of storytelling that the original had delivered on.

Are you looking forward to ‘Live Die Repeat and Repeat’? Is there any aspect of the ending you wish is expanded upon and that is what McQuarrie is referring to? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant