If you’re like every other fan of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones‘ then you’re probably annoyed with the network for not just giving us a long season but two short seasons to end the series. There is at least one piece of good news coming out of this at least as the Season 7 finale is set to be the longest episode of the series yet! While we’re still impatiently awaiting the delayed July start date to begin, this shorter season is at the very least going to be full of action and be longer in some regards.

In fact, every episode this season will have a runtime of at least 59-minutes compared to the usual 55 with the sixth clocking in at 71 minutes and the finale is 81 minutes long. With the previous longest episode clocking in at 68-minutes with last season’s finale “The Winds of Winter, ” we can at least be happy that the episode times are heading in the right direction.

Okay, this still means we’re only really getting seven and three-fourths episode, but as our time in Westeros is drawing to a close we have to take what we can get! I’m of course not counting the four spinoff shows that are in the works as they likely have nothing to do with the current era which we’re all heavily invested in.

Hopefully, we’ll see even longer episodes in the final 6-episode 8th season.

Are you happy to hear that we’ll be getting some longer episodes for the last season of ‘Game of Thrones’? Share your thoughts below!

We’ll be back in the ‘Game of Thrones’ on HBO this July 16th, 2017!

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