Prior to the official DC TV panel, ‘Arrow’ executive producers Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim went ahead and spilled a few details about the upcoming third season.

Guggenheim admitted, “If season one was about Oliver going from vengeance to vigilante and season two was vigilante to hero, season three is about identity.  It’s the first season where this theme of identity is not only about Oliver but is also about all the other characters.”

One obvious example is Roy Harper/Arsenal, played by Colton Haynes, who will graduate to full-hero status this season.  It’s also been strongly hinted that Laurel Lance may take on the identity of Black Canary, an identity formerly held by her sister Sara.  Kreisberg says, “She’s an attorney with a nice, sweet jacket.  We’re going to see Laurel take a few big steps toward  her comic book self this season. Let’s just say that Katie Cassidy is pumping iron.”

Guggenheim added, “It has become an ensemble where it’s not just about the Arrow.  It feels appropriate that we’ll have a theme that will resonate with the whole group.”

‘Olicity’ shippers may have something to look forward to, as Ollie and Felicity actually go on a date at the beginning of the upcoming season.  Kreisberg says, “Oliver might be catching up to how some of the audience feels in that maybe there’s a life with her.  This season, particularly the premiere episode, is Oliver questioning whether there’s a life beyond the hood.  Can he be Oliver Queen and the Arrow at the same time? One of the things about being Oliver would be what kind of romantic life he could have.”

But don’t expect that to last once Brandon Routh arrives as Ray Palmer (The Atom).  “The verbal banter between him and Felicity this season is a new thing we’re bringing to the show that I think audiences will really like,” Kreisberg states. “He’ll be invading Oliver’s life in every aspect, whether it’s his business, his personal life and possibly down the road in his nighttime activities…. One of the things we are doing this season… is injecting a little more humor.  It’s part of the reason why we brought Brandon Routh in.”

It sounds like the tables may have turned, in regard to the Oliver/Felicity dynamic, as the normally stoic Ollie becomes tongue-tied in the presence of Felicity.  “Let’s just say Oliver is the one who has trouble completing sentences.  The way the show has shaken out and the experiences the two have had, it feels like it’s time to explore that.”

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that in the comics Felicity is married to the father of Ronnie Raymond, part of Firestorm and Robbie Amell has been cast as Ronnie on ‘The Flash’.  Will the two shows emulate the comics?  Or will they take a different approach?

Finally, definitely expect a return appearance of the Suicide Squad the super villains employed by the US government for covert ops missions.  “For sure we’ll be doing something with the Suicide Squad this year. We have to find the right time and the right moment.”

Are you excited about a new season of ‘Arrow’?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter