Warning! There are spoilers in this recap!

We come into the beautiful little town of Haven during a heat wave, right in the middle of a marathon race. One of the runners seems to be having trouble, no pun intended. As a race staff member attempts to get help for him, he staggers into a tent to sit down. And then, right before her eyes, he mummifies rapidly and collapses to the floor – dead.

“Hot enough for you?” Audrey asks Nathan, “I wouldn’t know.” he says – they are there to investigate the mysterious death. Dwight walks in and expresses his sadness over the loss of his friend Reggie. “He was going to the meeting tomorrow night, Dwight says, “What meeting?” According to Dwight, ‘Haven’s’ resident “cleaner” the town’s “troubled” members we’re getting together for a meeting as concerns after the Rev’s death we’re becoming prevalent.

Outside the tent, an argument ensues between Patrick Grolsch and Stu, another marathoner. There is definite tension growing in this lovely but troubled town, and the residents are growing ever more intolerant of the differences between them. Back at the station, Nathan is on a phone call that raises suspicions about his intent towards Audrey. They get another call after Audrey interrupts his conversation and heads out to the scene.

We see Barry’s body, slumped over his lawn mower, completely mummified, devoid of fluids. Barry, as well as Stu, were to be at the meeting for the troubled people. A list created by Stu containing every member of the meeting, and each one a troubled resident, is stolen by Stu’s kidnappers.

As Duke prepares Evi’s belongings to mail off to her family, he discovers the small silver box with a note inside from Evi, which instructs him to view it under the light in his iguana tank. In doing so, he sees the name “Crocker” appears on the lid.

At Stu’s residence, Colleen, his Wife, describes numbers she thought were tattoos. Obviously these numbers were permanent marker from the marathon, and the numbers 3 and 8 are linked back to Patrick. As they detain Patrick, he reminds them that he’s a lawyer and that they have no probable cause, and he plans to file a suit against the Haven police department. Nathan ushers him out and Audrey protests. He tells her that he’s trying to protect her and Audrey protests, but Nathan insists that Driscoll was a town leader.

Duke tracks down Dave and Vince as they distribute newspapers on Driscoll’s death. He shows them the silver box and reveals that it has his name on it, and Dave says that it was made by one of the town’s early silversmiths. Vince says they don’t have the time to investigate further, but Dave agrees over his brothers’ objections. Vince vows to stop Dave, but Dave says that it’s time for Haven to face all of its realities. As he goes, Vince calls someone and says he has a job for them.

Duke is working on his boat when he sees someone shining a light in his cabin. He grabs a gun and goes inside, and Dwight attacks him. After a struggle, Duke knocks him over the head with a bottle and turns on a light to find out who his attacker is. He realizes that Dwight was trying to steal the box and grabs it. A key falls out of the lid. Duke grabs the key, Dwight grabs the box, and the two men grab weapons and prepare to face off. “Give me the key.” Dwight says, “Do I have to answer that or can I just assume it was a rhetorical question?” Duke figures that Vince sent Dwight and wonders why Vince and Dave are splitting sides. Duke calmly pours drinks for the two of them, and suggests that the brothers are playing the two of them against each other, and proposes that they work together to find the truth.

Dave calls Duke and tells him that the box was created for a Fitzwilliam Crocker and it’s the smaller of two. Duke assures Dwight that he can trust him, and figures that the key opens the second box. He figures that Simon hid the box on his old boat and leaves with Dwight.

Audrey takes Patrick inside of his apartment warehouse over Nathan’s objections and handcuffs him. He insists that Audrey is more of a partner and that he’s worried about her. Before she can pursue the matter, a fire breaks out in an upstairs room. Patrick tells her that she should go to check but Nathan figures that it’s a trap. Audrey insists on going and finds Stu locked up. She kicks in the door and approaches Stu, but he says that his sweat kills people. Audrey explains that he can’t hurt her and Stu realizes who she is. They get out just ahead of the flames.

Aboard Simon’s old boat, Dwight and Duke search the bilge but find nothing. Dwight wonders why Simon never told his son about the box, and suggests that Simon might have had trouble discussing it. Duke asks what Dwight’s affliction is and the cleaner reluctantly explains that when he was serving in Afghanistan, he discovered that he attracts bullets. His dad knew about his affliction but refused to admit that he and his son were “Troubled.” Sal, finds them and tells them that the boat was the second last boat that Simon owned. Sal knows that Simon was buying a 120 and gave Sal a sweet deal to get the cash. Sal explains that Simon bought the Cape Rouge, Duke’s boat, and set it up so that Duke would win it in a poker game against Ray Fiegler!

Stu warns that Patrick planned to parade his affliction in front of the entire town and says that he has to leave, and warns his wife that he can’t touch her until the Troubles are over. Colleen doesn’t care and insists that they’re married for better or worse. Stu says that people are already divided and that Nathan will have to choose a side. As Stu leaves, Nathan gets a text message and writes something on a small piece of paper. Audrey comes over and Nathan notes that there are more important things than touching. She admits that she might have made things worse but Nathan assures her that she did the right thing and he knows who she is. He hands Audrey the note, and when she asks, he tells her that it could be Lucy Ripley’s address! Audrey hugs him and Nathan tells her that it’s an hour away and she can get there before dark. As she starts to go, Audrey turns and kisses him and says that he’s more than a partner to her as well.

Dwight and Duke search the Cape Rouge for the second box and find a barrel in the hold. They bring it up and open it, and find a second much larger silver box. Duke uses the key to open it and finds a collection of weapons inside. Audrey comes aboard and explains that she found Lucy and that Simon was looking for her. Dwight tries to leave with the box, “Wow, Buddy! My feelings are actually hurt!” Duke says to Dwight, as Duke turns to Audrey he says, “Yea, he did, actually.” Dwight hits him in the face with the box. Duke swings a knife, cutting Dwight and spilling the cleaner’s blood on his own hand. Audrey goes to her friend and sees the blood absorb into Duke’s hand. When Dwight tries to hit Duke with a crowbar, Duke hits him in the chest and knocks him nearly thirty feet and over the rail into the water below!

At the newspaper office, the “troubled” are having their meeting. Vince objects but Dave says that they needed somewhere to meet. Vince warns him that he’s starting a war and insists that he’ll have no part of it. Dwight comes in and talks privately to Vince. He admits that he didn’t know what he was involved with and failed to get the box, and Vince says that if he had known, Dwight would have killed Duke.

As Audrey and Duke examine the large silver box belonging to his father, Audrey finds a ledger, with names some hundreds of years old. Duke attempts to bend a piece of metal, to no avail. His “power” seems to have faded. As Duke reads the last page of the diary, his father writes;

Duke- If you’re reading this, then I haven’t survived. You are my Son. My heir. It’s up to you to finish my work. You must kill her.

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