after-the-thronesApparently ‘After the Thrones‘ hasn’t been doing as well for HBO as ‘Talking Dead’ has been on AMC. Word has it that the network has moved it off its digital service and onto Twitter after one season and renamed it ‘Talk the Thrones’.

Not quite as catchy. Now instead of airing on HBO Go, HBO Now, and HBO On Demand immediately after each episode of ‘Game of Thrones‘, we’ll see Bill Simmons’ commentary show streaming live on both Twitter and Periscope.

Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan are still scheduled to host the series for their weekly recaps, and the format will also continue to contextualize the series based off of George R.R. Martin’s novels. The two are very familiar with the series having done the podcast ‘Watch the Thrones’ on Grantland and they are still doing ‘The Watch’ on the Ringer podcast.

While Twitter has ‘Game of Thrones’ as the most talked about television show last year, it still seems strange to move it from the premium service to this format though according to Simmons:

“We love Game of Thrones, and we love the way Twitter is thinking about content right now, so we jumped at the chance to blow out our Thrones show into an interactive multimedia experience — something that reacts immediately to what just happened, almost like a postgame show in sports. Nobody is equipped to do that better than Twitter. It’s the natural evolution of what we had already established with Chris, Andy, Mallory and Jason.”

Twitter chief operating officer and chief financial officer Anthony Noto also added that:

“Talk the Thrones brings the witty banter and real-time analysis you find on Twitter to a live show with hosts that keep it engaging well after the TV show ends. The Ringer continues to produce unique live shows about some of the most-discussed entertainment and sports topics on Twitter.”

We learned about this move right after HBO canceled Simmons’ HBO Talk show ‘Any Given Wednesday’ which is unlikely to be related as he has a huge deal with the network and is still producing content for them.

Are you happy to hear that you can now check out ‘Talk the Thrones’ on Twitter or do you feel that this is a bad sign for the show? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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