It is good to remember that it is not all gloom and doom for the Marvel Television world, just the ones associated with Netflix. For shows like ‘Marvel’s Runaways’ which streams on Hulu, things are looking up. After a stellar second season, which saw the young heroes finding their new home and learning how to live on their own, the big question was whether or not Hulu would be bringing them back for another round. Luckily for fans, series lead James Marsters (Victor Stein) let slip some very important news during Lexington Comic & Toy Con recently.


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In his excitement during a panel about the series, Marsters decided to share news about their Season 3 renewal with the audience, despite knowing all of the Marvel secrecy clauses, saying:

 “…the showrunner just told the cast that we’re in for a third season!…I probably just broke all kinds of Marvel rules.”

This follows a statement made by Hulu content chief Craig Erwich during TCA in February, where he said:

“We’re really happy with the performance of Runaways, both creatively and in terms of its performance, and we’ll have an announcement shortly.”

Of coursem Marsters probably will not get in that much trouble (if any), as they seemed poised to make the announcement already, as Hulu made it official only a short time later by confirming that they were indeed ordering a 10-episode third season of the series. And it makes sense, the show hits the right demographic, has a nice mix of drama and superpowers, and is definitely on the right platform, especially now that Disney owns a majority stake in Hulu following the merger with 20th Century Fox. You can check out the video of Marsters making the announcement during the panel below, and then feel free to share your thoughts on ‘Runaways’ Season 3 and where you would like to see the series go in the comments below!


Source: Deadline